Full Board Meeting and Deadline Dates

The meeting dates and deadlines below apply only to research that may be greater than minimal risk and requires review by the convened IRB, or other situations as guided by the HRPP staff (for example, policy exception requests). Unless otherwise instructed by the HRPP, this page is not applicable to minimal risk research, which is reviewed by the HRPP and the IRB on a rolling basis and does not have submission deadlines.

How To Use This Page:


The left column lists all the dates when the IRB meets for a Full Board meeting. 


The middle column lists all the submission deadline dates for Full Board meetings. Submissions received by the HRPP before the submission deadline (before 5 pm) will be considered for review for the next Full Board meeting. There is no guarantee that a submission will be reviewed at an assigned meeting. 

Reasons a submission may not be assigned to the next Full Board meeting for IRB review:

  1. The submission was received after the Submission Deadline;

  2. The submission was of poor quality and/or incomplete, so that it provided insufficient information for the IRB to meet its regulatory obligations; and/or

  3. The HRPP had a high number of requests and/or questions for the PI and the PI did not respond by the pre-review response deadline.

Please note that submitting an item by a given submission deadline does not guarantee review at the corresponding Full Board meeting. Based on volume, submissions may be put on the agenda conditionally to allow for prioritization of reviews (e.g., based on submission date, funding priorities, reviewer availability, protocol readiness, etc.) Submissions received by the HRPP (after 5 pm) or unable to be reviewed at an assigned meeting will be considered for review for the following month's Full Board meeting. 


The right column lists all the pre-review response deadline dates for Full Board meetings. If the HRPP communicates with you regarding your submission, a complete response to the HRPP must be received by 5 pm on the pre-review response deadline for the submission to be considered for the next Full Board meeting.



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*Note change in schedule for Huron implementation

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