Time Off

Eligible staff receives a variety of paid time off from work.

Vacation Time

Employees accrue vacation days that may be used as they are accrued.

Sick Time

Employees receive paid sick time (see chart below) which can be requested for themselves or certain family members as indicated below.

  • Sick: Employee’s own illness or injury.
  • Family: Staff may use up to 12 sick days (90 hours)1 a year to care for a sick dependent (spouse or child) or seriously ill parent.
  • Sick and Safe Leave: Rhode Island law requiring employers to provide employees with a minimum number of days to take time away from work for an injury or illness or to care for a close family member with an injury or illness.
  • Regarding an employee's years of service, when an employee leaves the university and is later rehired, an employee's date of re-employment is less than one year after the most recent period of employment ceased, sick time accrual on record at the time the employee left Brown (up to a maximum of 12 days) will be restored by the hiring department. No reinstatement of prior sick time accrual is given if the employee is rehired more than one year after the most recent period of employment ceased. 

Salary (Exempt)

12 days

1 day/month

60 days

72 days

Hourly (Non-Exempt)

90 hours

3.462 hours/bi-weekly

450 hours

540 hours




1 Days/hours are prorated for part time employees.
2 Unused sick days/hours carryover on January 1.


 Employees may take paid time off from work to grieve and to attend related services.

Jury Duty

 Employees may take paid time off from work to serve on jury duty.


Military Reserve and National Guard members may take paid take time off up to 2 weeks for their annual commitments or short-term deployment.  Longer deployments may fall under a Military Leave.