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May Webinars

Movement and Mobility Yoga

These virtual classes incorporate yoga-like movements to increase your mobility, or how your body moves doing everyday things. Join Jessie Dwiggins to learn functional movements to improve your joint range of motion and posture while alleviating some everyday tweaks and twinges. This session counts as a fitness program toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Session #2

Wednesday, May 12

12-1 PM

Session #3

Wednesday, May 19

12-1 PM









Halfway There: A Retirement Check-up

Help make sure your retirement is ready when you are. Halfway? Already? Retirement has a way of creeping up on people. Before you know it, you’ll be depending on all the money you saved and invested. It may be time to give your retirement savings a checkup. Join TIAA for information to help you determine where you need to be in your retirement savings and how to get back on track if you’re behind. You'll find out how much you should be saving, discover different investment vehicles and how they can work together to help you reach your retirement goals, and learn what’s competing for your retirement savings. This financial webinar counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Tuesday, May 11

12-1 PM









Holistic Well-being

In this program, participants will discover that holistic well-being is an approach to life. We will discuss how our health is connected to the whole person and how we interact with our environment. Join BCBS RI and learn how holistic well-being emphasizes the connection of our mind, body, and spirit. This wellness webinar counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Tuesday, May 18

12-1 PM









Cultivating Happiness within Yourself

Ever wonder how the principle of happiness works? Start believing that your happiness is more connected to you and your behaviors more than any other circumstances. Learn simple yet powerful tips on how to cultivate happiness within yourself. This wellness webinar counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.



Thursday, May 20

12-1 PM









Healthy Smile, Healthy You

Participants will review the connection between oral health and overall health. They will learn about bacteria that can form in the mouth and lead to gum disease, including periodontitis, and how several chronic health conditions are associated with gum disease. They will also review the basics of proper dental care. This wellness webinar counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Tuesday, May 25

12-1 PM









Cooking with Healthy Oils

Confused about which cooking oils to use and when to use them? In this class, we’ll discuss when to use oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil for optimum nutrition. We’ll learn easy recipes to make with different types of oils, and take a closer look at omega 3 and omega 6 fats. Attendees will leave empowered with the knowledge of how to best use healthy fats when cooking your favorite dishes. Join Jennifer Zartarian for this informative wellness webinar, which counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Wednesday, May 26

12-1 PM









A Northern Italian Meal with Fresh Seasonal Ingredients

Join Ty Paup and Giovi Gastaldi for a brief tour of a Northern Italian meal made with fresh locally sourced Rhode Island ingredients. Ty and Giovi will walk you through a few typical light and healthy courses for the season, including the wines you may want to associate with your meal. They will team up to offer a cooking demo with easy to make recipes and a sprinkle of cultural background for the dishes presented. Be prepared to listen to some anecdotes from Giovi, who acquired her cooking prowess from her mom in Torino. This demo will include some Italian terminology and spur of the moment creativity. Join Ty and Giovi for this fun and informative wellness webinar, which counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Thursday, May 27

12:30-1:30 PM









June Webinars

Mastering Medicare

Join Doctor's Choice for a webinar designed to help individuals navigate Medicare. This session is recommended for those ages 60+ and for anyone guiding loved ones through the Medicare planning process. The workshop will help you learn the ABCDs of Medicare and how they relate to you, understand coverage gaps and how to fill them, know when and how to enroll, and explore the one big decision every retiree needs to make. This financial program counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Wednesday, June 2

12-1 PM









Social Security

Do you know how much your Social Security benefit will be? Who is eligible for benefits on your record? How do you file a claim for Social Security? Join Catherine LeBlanc, a Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration for answers to these questions and many more! Learn how you can estimate future Social Security benefits and if continuing to work will affect your benefit. This financial program counts toward 2021 Wellness Rewards.


Tuesday, June 8

12-1 PM









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