What Is an AWA?

An Alternative Work Assignment (AWA) is an agreement between the University and an employee in a staff position that includes modifications to work locations (e.g., employee’s residence), work schedules or other assignments that could differ from traditional University operating standards and practices.


  • must be in the University’s best interest and adhere to all laws;
  • can vary by school/department/unit; and
  • may not be suitable or available for every job type.

Requesting an AWA

AWAs must be documented in an AWA agreement. Current AWA agreements will remain in place until the new agreement is approved. Any changes to an AWA should be made in Workday. AWAs do not need to be renewed on an annual basis, unless the employee has a hybrid periodic AWA agreement.

Each AWA agreement must be in the University’s best interests and must contain the position work location (PWL), agreed-upon work arrangements (i.e., flexible schedules, compressed workweeks), and a mandatory attestation acknowledging adherence with all University policies, security and worksite requirements, standard operating procedures and general employment conditions that support AWAs. Click here for detailed steps on how to complete an AWA.

Canceling or Modifying an AWA

When operational needs require modification or cancellation of an AWA agreement, written notice of at least 10 business days will be provided to the employee with an on-site or hybrid PWL, and written notice of at least 90 business days will be provided to an employee with a remote PWL.