Multi-State Initiative

The multi-state initiative supports Brown University employees working in states in which the University is registered to conduct business. This also allows for additional remote work state locations.  

Review Team

The multi-state initiative involves cross-functional teams from Finance, University Human Resources, General Counsel, Insurance, and Workday Program. 


Phase one of the project began in fall 2021 and included a transition to additional state payroll withholdings and remote locations, including changes to benefit and employment processes that began in January 2023.

Brown continues to evaluate registrations in additional states as the need arises on an ongoing basis. A regular assessment will be performed to determine if additional states are necessary for registration based on the risk and cost-benefit analysis for registration and administration. Registration in additional states can take several months to complete and require additional resources for administration.

Employee Responsibilities

Brown University employees must comply with the following processes to ensure their payroll state tax withholdings are applicable to the state in which they conduct their work.

  • All Brown University employees are required to ensure accurate home or local address information is reflected in Workday.
  • Employees must review and attest to their work locations.
    • Staff who are eligible and choose to work remotely, based on their position classification and departmental operational needs, will be required to regularly submit an Alternative Work Assignment (AWA) and review and attest to the accuracy of their AWA at least annually. 
    • Faculty do not complete AWAs but will be asked to attest to their work location.

Updating Home Addresses

As the University continues to register in additional states, there is an even greater need to ensure your home address is listed correctly in Workday throughout the year.  You can view/change your home address directly in Workday by using the "Personal Information" app on your landing page.

If you are a remote employee, registering in additional states will not impact your OASDI and Medicare taxes (commonly referred to as FICA taxes) nor will it impact your federal withholding; it may however impact your state income tax withholdings. The Workday system will use both your home and work address to determine your taxable wages and your state payroll withholdings. We recommend reviewing your current state W-4 elections and completing a W-4 form, if needed, in Workday by using the "Pay" app on your landing page and selecting change withholding elections.  We also recommend consulting with an accountant if you are unsure how to complete the form and what to claim per state. 

Employees who do not update their home/local addresses and do not operationally comply with Brown’s multi-state process will be solely responsible for any personal tax implications. 


Questions about state payroll withholdings can be directed to [email protected].