How to Complete an AWA

Beginning on August 1, staff* with a hybrid or remote position work location will be required to complete an AWA agreement in Workday. On-site staff are only required to complete an AWA agreement when they need to request, change or end a flexible schedule/compressed workweek assignment. On August 1, a reminder to complete the AWA will be placed on the employee's Workday landing page.

*Please note: Academic department staff reporting to the Dean of the Faculty will begin this process in October.

AWA Workday Process

Step 1: The employee confirms their manager-assigned PWL.

In some cases, a manager may assign more than one PWL to a position (i.e., hybrid and remote) based upon the position responsibilities and operational needs of the unit. In such cases, the employee will be required to confirm their PWL preference but they cannot select more than one AWA option.

Step 1a: The employee selects their AWA type (hybrid employees only).

The employee’s manager and/or senior officer retains the discretion to decide which AWA type(s) — consistent, flexible, periodic — are made available to their staff based upon the employee’s PWL, position responsibilities and unit operational needs. The employee may select if they would like to request a flex schedule or compressed workweek.

Step 2: The employee reviews and acknowledges the University’s AWA attestation.

These attestation statements outline the University’s requirements and employment conditions to work at an alternative work location.

Step 3: The employee submits their AWA agreement.

The AWA agreement is routed to the employee’s manager and/or senior officer and Human Resources business partner for approval.

Additional guidance and details on how to complete an AWA agreement are in the AWA Job Aid in Workday.

When To Complete a New AWA Agreement

Employees are required to complete a new AWA agreement in Workday in the following cases:

  • The employee changes their PWL.
  • The employee requests a significant change in work schedule that will last beyond a duration of 60 days.
  • The employee is promoted to a new position or transfers to another unit.
  • The employee requests a different hybrid AWA type.
  • The employee changes or requests a flexible work schedule or compressed workweek.
  • The employee is approved to work remotely, and/or work at an alternative work location outside the state of Rhode Island, and/or is relocating from a remote state back to Rhode Island.