Walk to Health

Every Step You Take - 2018 Spring Walking Challenge

Registration Opens: Monday, April 16, 2018
Challenge Begins: Monday, April 30, 2018
Challenge Concludes: Sunday, June 10, 2018

During this six week challenge you will aim to meet a cumulative walking goal of 273,000 steps (or about 130 miles!). That averages 6,500 steps a day.

Think you can do it? Put on your sneakers and get ready to feel better and be better.

What’s new and improved in the 2018 challenge?
Improved leaderboards and the ability to continue tracking your steps in the challenge, through June 10, even after you have met the challenge goal!

How will it work?
Join the challenge by logging into the wellness portal. On your portal dashboard, select the second announcement to join the "Every Step You Take Challenge,” then follow the prompts. You can join a team or simply be a team of one.

Prior to April 30, registered participants will receive a welcome email, from worklife@brown.edu, with more information.

When the challenge begins, you’ll track your steps in the portal. Have a fitbit, Garmin, or similar tracking device? Sync your device to the portal to have your steps tracked automatically. Or you can track your steps manually in the portal.

Meeting your cumulative goal of 273,000 steps is eligible for 2018 Wellness Rewards as your fitness task.

What else happens during the challenge?
You walk! If you are part of a team, encourage your teammates to keep walking as you all work toward your goal.

Maxwell, the wellness portal, will send you an occasional email to help you stay on track.

Further, those participating in the challenge will be invited to three optional onsite events designed to help you stay motivated and have fun with fellow walkers. This includes a kick-off, a midpoint education session, and a wrap-up party. Each onsite program will include a raffle!

What if you need some support?
You will have email access to a personal trainer who is your designated virtual walking coach for all six weeks to answer questions about walking, hydration, motivation, etc.

Technical support will also be available via phone or email for any syncing, tracking, or portal questions.

Walking Routes

Map and calculate your own route using WalkJogRun or check out these one to two mile walking routes on campus:

Davol Walk
Garden Walk
History Walk
One Mile Fun Walk

Upcoming Races

Interested in running or walking a 5K? Register for a race:

Road Race Runner
Run Rhody
Running in the USA

Running and Walking Clubs

Are you a runner or walker? Brown Google Groups hosts employee-led running and walking general interest groups to keep club members of all levels connected! Email worklife@brown.edu for more information.


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