Justin Byrd
“Highest Good or Strong Poison: The Rhetorical Construction of Patronage in the Brahmin Tradition”
[Friday, May 2, 2014]

D. Thomas
“Inscribing Roman Eleusis: Connecting Representations and Representing Connections”
[Wednesday, March 12,2014]

M. Dobrzanski (Wroclaw)
“Military command in Hellenistic Thessalian Communities”
[Wednesday, March 5, 2014]

D. Grzesik (Wroclaw)
“Worshipping Heroes: Inscribed Honors in Post-Classical Delphi”
[Friday, March 7, 2014]

Mitchell Parks
“Paradoxical Praise: Isocrates and Political Encomium”
[Friday, February 28, 2014]

J. Kurz
“The Carthaginians in Southern Iberia”
[Friday, February 21, 2014]

Scott DiGiulio
“Aulus Gellius' Noctes Atticae Book II and the Didactic Logic of Miscellany”
[Wednesday, December 11, 2013]

Mitchell Parks
“Mercenary Wisdom:  The Role of Simonides in Xenophon's Hieron”
[Friday, December 6, 2013]

Joe McDonald
“Out of Bounds: Reassessing IG II2 204”
[Friday, November 22, 2013]

Tara Mulder
“Don't Call the Doctor: De-Medicalizing Childbirth in the Roman Empire”
[Wednesday, November 20, 2013]

Ann McDonald
“I'll Tell You When I'm Older: Comparing Plutarchs in De E Apud Delphos and Amatorius
[Friday, October 11, 2013]