Grad Symposiarchs

Benjamin Driver, Michael Ziegler



Marko Vitas

Pindar's Losers and Name Replacement as a Stylistic Device in Pindar's Odes"
[Friday, March 6, 2020]

Erika Valdivieso

Virgil and the Virgin of Guadalupe" (Job Talk)
[Friday, February 7, 2020]

Christopher Jotischky-Hull

The Crowning of the Lyre: Andréas Kálvos and the Appropriation of Pindaric Imagery in Nineteenth-Century Greek Diasporic Poetics"
[Tuesday, October 29, 2019]

Alvaro Pires

A Fiction of Nature and the Nature of Fiction: Allegory in the Physiologos"
[Thursday, October 10, 2019]

Avi Kapach

The Palinodes of Euripides: Inconsistency and Self-Contradiction in Greek Tragedy" (Prospectus Talk)
[Thursday, September 26, 2019]