Christopher Leo Jotischky-Hull

Christopher Jotischky-Hull Headshot
Christopher Leo Jotischky-Hull

Classics Entry Year: 2017

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Christopher completed his BA in Literae Humaniores at the University of Oxford (New College) in 2017. His undergraduate thesis explored the presentation of the physiological effects of love on the human body in Ancient Greek poetry from Sappho to Meleager, and compared this to how lovers’ bodies are represented in the poetry of Cavafy.

Christopher’s main interest is in the poetry and prose literature of 19th- and 20th-century Greece, especially in how Greek writers of the modern era have reacted to the discipline of classical studies and how they have positioned themselves in relation to their ancient forebears. While much of his work involves the reception of classical texts and tropes, Christopher is also concerned with the literary representation of the Greek environment, natural and human-built, the depiction of classical ruins and artefacts in modern Greek literature, and literary explorations of the experience of refugees and other immigrants to Greece in the last two centuries. He is currently working on a translation of Yorgos Theotokas’ novel Argo, one of the masterpieces of 20th-century Greek fiction.



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