Symposium: The U.S. Immigration Regime and the Politics of Belonging [VIDEO]

IBES 130 (Carmichael Auditorium)

On April 7, 2017, CSREA will be presenting a symposium entitled, The U.S. Immigration Regime and the Politics of Belonging. How have immigration laws developed over the past century and how do these policies continue to affect the country today? For example, what are the legacies of IRCA and IRRIRA and how are these policies being amended and applied today?

Further, and in light of the Trump administration’s current positions on immigration, recent executive orders as well as public demonstrations and protests, what will define the future of immigration in the U.S.? This symposium will feature a keynote lecture followed by a panel of speakers and a discussion among speakers and the audience. Together, the speaker and panelists will offer a rich, informed and interdisciplinary take on the past, present and possible futures of the U.S. immigration regime, race, ethnicity and the politics of belonging.

Bill Ong Hing, Professor, Director of the Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic, and Dean's Circle Scholar, University of San Francisco, School of Law

Panel Discussion:
Lilia Fernandez, Associate Professor, Latino and Caribbean Studies and History, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Laura Barraclough, Assistant Professor, American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Yale University

Leah Perry, Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies, SUNY Empire State

Yalidy Matos, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, CSREA & Watson Institute

Closing reception and book signing to follow at CSREA, 96 Waterman Street.

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