Tuition Aid Program (TAP)

Brown University offers eligible faculty and staff the Tuition Aid Program (TAP) to provide assistance in paying costs of undergraduate degree tuition for their eligible dependent child(ren) enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited institution on a full-time basis.

The terms and conditions included in TAP are amended from time to time by The Corporation of Brown University.  Effective July 1, 2024, the maximum tuition amount for the academic year 2024/2025 is up to $15,368.00 per eligible child. Please note that while the maximum tuition amount has increased 4.5% from the previous academic year, TAP increases are not guaranteed and are reviewed annually. 

The TAP benefit may be utilized for a maximum of four normal academic years and there is no limit on the number of eligible dependent children who may receive TAP benefits.


Faculty and Staff (for your dependent child(ren) to be eligible):

  • Benefits-eligible faculty or staff actively working on the Brown regular payroll 
  • Continuous employment totaling an equivalent of 4 full years on the regular payroll with no breaks in service
  • Benefit aggregate of 66.7% or greater

Dependent Child(ren) must meet the following criteria:

  • Are the natural child, legally adopted child, or stepchild of eligible employee
  • Meet Brown University’s requirements for eligibility and the IRS definition of “dependent”
  • Attend a school that is eligible for federal Title IV loans
  • Are enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program and in good standing making normal academic progress as defined by the school they attend

To learn more about this program’s eligibility, benefits, and administration, please refer to the related forms on this page.

Please note: The TAP benefit may affect eligible dependent child(ren)’s financial aid package, scholarship, or other financial awards.  For specific information, contact the Financial Aid office at your dependent child(ren)’s school.

Return of TAP Funds

It is the employee’s responsibility to notify University Human Resources within 30 days of the event if your dependent withdraws from school during the academic year, drops to part-time study, or fails a course so that an arrangement for reimbursement to the University can be made.


Applications are accepted throughout the year and should be submitted to [email protected] (Please include TAP in the subject line) or mailed to University Human Resources/Benefits Office, Box 1879, Providence, RI 02912.  

For timely processing, please submit according to the following schedule:

  • Fall Semester: submit by early June in advance of the semester
  • Spring Semester: submit by early December in advance of the semester


Please email [email protected] for questions regarding TAP.