Wellness Rewards

Wellness Rewards is a voluntary wellness incentive program designed to help you learn more about your personal health, motivate you to maintain or improve your overall well-being, and earn a taxable incentive payment of $150-$250 or a membership to the Nelson Fitness Center or a program fee voucher for select Mindfulness programming through the School of Professional Studies.


2024 Wellness Rewards 

Complete tasks between January 1 and December 31, 2024.



Complete a confidential Health Assessment (HA)*

* Biometric screenings (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) are required to complete the HA. Brown University does not receive any individual information, but does receive aggregate information.


Complete a voluntary tobacco free status affidavit 


Complete an onsite wellness program or online podcast through UnitedHealthcare* 


* Make sure to complete the UnitedHealthcare Seminar Completion Form to receive credit for these podcasts.


Complete one Redbrick Wellness Journey in the portal


Participate in one Wellness at Brown sponsored financial wellness onsite program, Financial Tuesdays retirement plan consultation, or online Financial Well-Being podcast through UnitedHealthcare*


* Make sure to complete the UnitedHealthcare Seminar Completion Form to receive credit for the podcast.


Participate in one Wellness at Brown sponsored fitness program



Reach the final destination/spotlight goal in a Wellness at Brown promoted portal challenge

Portal Challenges taking place in April, August/September, and November 2024


Track Promoted Healthy Habit Challenge (PHHC) 5 of 7 Days

Upcoming PHHCs: March 11-17, April 8-14, May 13-19

Max $50

($10 each)

Obtain an annual physical exam


Obtain an annual dental exam


View the incentive program overview.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View Wellness Rewards at Brown FAQs.

Wellness Portal

Wellness at Brown has partnered with Virgin Pulse to bring you the Wellness Portal, your centralized location for managing and submitting Wellness Rewards.

Wellness Rewards Options:

For participants who reach $250 in Wellness Rewards, you will be able to elect one of three Rewards options!

  • A taxable cash incentive payment of $250 
  • A 12-month membership to Nelson Fitness Center
  • A program fee voucher (value $300) that can be used towards a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course offered by the School of Professional Studies. Please note, you will be responsible for any balance remaining after the voucher is applied towards the program fee.

Employees who earn the minimum of $150 but less than $250 will receive a taxable cash incentive payment.


  • December 31, 2024: Taxable incentive payments will be added to a late January 2025 paycheck.  Nelson Fitness Center memberships and School of Professional Studies program fee vouchers will be effective in February 2025.

Email [email protected] with questions.