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Submission, Deadlines and Payment of Wellness Rewards

What is Wellness Rewards at Brown?
Wellness Rewards at Brown is a voluntary wellness incentive program designed to help eligible Brown faculty and staff learn more about their personal health, maintain or improve overall well-being, and earn a taxable incentive payment of $150-250, a membership to the Nelson Fitness Center, or a program fee voucher for The Mindfulness Center at Brown for completed wellness tasks.

Who is eligible?

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff working 50% time or greater. If your spouse also works at Brown University, you are both eligible to participate as individuals. 

If you are uncertain as to whether or not your position is benefits-eligible, please contact us at [email protected].



What tasks can I complete to receive an incentive payment?


Voluntary tasks to complete between January 1 and December 31, 2022*



Complete a confidential Health Assessment (HA)*

* Biometric screenings (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) are required to complete the HA. Brown University does not receive any individual information, but does receive aggregate information.


Complete a voluntary tobacco free status affidavit 


Complete an onsite wellness program or online podcast through UnitedHealthcare* 

* Make sure to complete the UnitedHealthcare Seminar Completion Form to receive credit for these podcasts.


Complete one Redbrick Wellness Journey in the portal


Participate in one Wellness at Brown sponsored financial wellness onsite programFinancial Tuesdays retirement plan consultation, or online Financial Well-Being podcast through UnitedHealthcare*

* Make sure to complete the UnitedHealthcare Seminar Completion Form to receive credit for the podcast.


Participate in one Wellness at Brown sponsored fitness program


Reach the final destination in a Wellness at Brown promoted Destination Challenge in the new wellness portal


Track promoted Healthy Habit Challenge 5 of 7 Days 

Max $50

($10 each)

Obtain an annual physical exam


Obtain an annual dental exam $25

COVID Vaccine*
*For eligible employees who upload their vaccine documentation in 2022. Employees who uploaded in 2021 received credit toward 2021 Wellness Rewards and are not eligible to receive credit in 2022. Booster shots are not eligible.


* The Wellness Rewards program is designed to give employees options when choosing which wellness tasks to complete.  The options listed total $375, but the maximum incentive payment you can receive in calendar year 2022 is $250.

What is a Health Assessment (HA)?
This voluntary, confidential online questionnaire creates an individualized health report for you, indicating your healthy behaviors and showing where you may want to improve.  Brown University does not receive any individual information. Your information is confidential and only you can see your results. Brown will receive an aggregate report with non-indentifiable data at year end. Biometric screenings are required in order to complete the HA.

Do I have to complete the HA?
No. You may choose whichever tasks you would like to complete to receive Wellness Rewards.

What are biometric screenings?
Biometric screenings are a series of health tests (blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol) which provide baseline data and insight into your overall health which then determine risk levels for certain diseases and medical conditions.

Where can I go to obtain biometric screenings?
1. Your primary care physician
2. Wellness at Brown “Know Your Numbers” campus screening events, announced through [email protected]
3. The annual Benefits/Wellness Fair

Is it mandatory to disclose my tobacco use status?

When registering for an onsite program, how can I distinguish if it will be credited as a wellness, financial, or fitness program?
Wellness and fitness programs are identified as such on flyers and program announcements. In addition, they are identified by a specific image (shown below) on the Wellness Offerings web page.  To view current onsite wellness programs, click here.


Wellness program


Financial program


Fitness program














My schedule doesn't allow me to attend lunch time lectures.  How can I participate in a wellness program?

In addition to onsite programs at various times of day you may also choose to complete any of the UnitedHealthcare United at Work Podcasts. Simply print this certificate of completion and interoffice mail it to Box 1879 or email it to [email protected].  ​

How do I access journeys in the new portal? 

On your portal dashboard, select "Health" from the menu bar at the top, then select "Journeys."


I have a personal physical limitation and cannot participate in a fitness program.  Am I still eligible for the full $250 reward?
The program is designed so that you have options to earn up to the maximum taxable incentive payment of $250.

What do I need to do within the portal to get credit for participating in an onsite wellness, financial, or fitness program?
Onsite program task credits will automatically be uploaded into the wellness portal.  Please allow up to 5 weeks processing time for program participation/rewards to populate.

    What are some examples of programs NOT eligible for Wellness Rewards?
    Benefits/Wellness Fair
    Blood Drives
    Challenges in the wellness portal that are NOT official Destination Challenges or promoted Healthy Habit Challenges
    Flu Clinics
    Gym Memberships
    Weight Watchers

      What do I need to do within the portal to prove that I have received an annual physical and/or dental exam in 2022?
      If you have health or dental coverage through Brown University with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), United Healthcare (UHC), or Delta Dental, your well visit claims will automatically upload into the wellness portal. Please note, your credit population may be delayed due to claims processing time.  In the interim, you have the option to self-report your visit. To do so, select the Rewards page in the wellness portal and then click on "Annual Medical Exam" or "Annual Dental Exam" to access the self-report form.

      Employees not covered by a Brown University health and/or dental plan will need to enter information about your well visit or dental visit into the portal. To do so, on the Rewards page in the wellness portal, click on "Annual Medical Exam" or "Annual Dental Exam" to access the self-report form.


      What is the deadline to submit for Wellness Rewards and how will I receive my Wellness Rewards payment?
      In 2022, the Wellness Rewards deadline is December 31. Your taxable incentive payment will be added to a late January 2023 paycheck. Nelson Fitness Center memberships and The Mindfulness Center at Brown program fee vouchers will be effective in February 2023.

      Please note: You must be employed by Brown at the time of payment to receive your taxable incentive payment. The minimum taxable incentive reward is $150 and the maximum taxable incentive reward is $250.