Itamar Levin

Itamar Levin

Ancient History Entry Year: 2019

[email protected]

Itamar Levin received an MA in Classics with Honors at Tel Aviv University, where he also obtained a BA in History and Philosophy. His scholarship unearths tacit assumptions in ancient Greek society by drawing from modern frameworks and a variety of sources (literary, archeological, epigraphical, iconographical and others). These approaches can be seen in his two forthcoming publications: “Legal Death and Odysseus' Kingship” (Classical Quarterly) and “News and the Family in Ancient Greece” (Classical Journal).

His dissertation project, "Cenotaphs and the Politics of Commemoration: Civic Ideology in the Greek Polis," further expands the concept of necropower, or the power of death over the living. By developing the politics of commemoration as a novel methodology, he examines the constructive technologies of necropower in society, underscoring the instrumentalization of the dead for the (re)production of ideology.

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