Contact Information

  • For assistance with submitting a new animal use protocol, amendment, annual continuation or de novo protocol via Coeus, contact the IACUC staff or review the Coeus IACUC Protocol Submission Guide.

  • Please address questions regarding animal care to the Director of Animal Care.

  • The campus veterinarians have offices in the Animal Care Facility office in the BioMed Center and are available for consultation and assistance regarding animal care and experimental questions.

  • To request training or in-person assistance, contact the IACUC staff.

Animal Research Protection Program (ARPP)

ARPP email:

We are located at:
South Street Landing, 5th Floor

330 Eddy St
Box 1986
Providence, RI 02912

IACUC Manager:
Carol Colena, CPIA
Animal Research Protection Program 
Phone: (401) 863-1183

IACUC Specialist:
Annie Yoo, MS
Animal Research Protection Program 
Phone: (401) 863-2356

Director, Office of Research Integrity:
Keri Godin, MS
Office of Research Integrity
Phone: (401)-863-1803

Director, Animal Care
Attending Veterinarian:

Lara Helwig, DVM
Phone: (401) 863-5471