Contact Information

  • IACUC protocols may no longer be submitted via Coeus starting June 15, 2018; they must be submitted via InfoEd. To request training or in-person assistance, contact the IACUC staff.

  • Please address questions regarding animal care to the Director of Animal Care.

  • The campus veterinarians have offices in the Animal Care Facility office in the BioMed Center and are available for consultation and assistance regarding animal care and experimental questions.

Animal Research Protection Program (ARPP)

ARPP email:

We are located at:
South Street Landing, 5th Floor

350 Eddy St
Box 1986
Providence, RI 02912

Assistant Director:
Eugene Matullo
Animal Research Protection Program 
Phone: (401) 863-5296

IACUC Manager:
Carol Colena, CPIA
Animal Research Protection Program 
Phone: (401) 863-1183

IACUC Specialist:
Annie Yoo, MS
Animal Research Protection Program 
Phone: (401) 863-2356

Director, Office of Research Integrity:
Keri Godin, MS
Office of Research Integrity
Phone: (401)-863-1803

Director, Animal Care
Attending Veterinarian:

Lara Helwig, DVM
Phone: (401) 863-5471