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To Add Funding to Your Protocol: Please email [email protected] with a copy of the grant and any deadlines.

The office will perform the congruency review and direct you to create an administrative change or a substantive amendment as appropriate. Note that substantive amendments require IACUC review and may take several weeks for approval.

All Funding: Congruency ReviewSilhouette of a mouse standing on coins

All protocols must undergo a Protocol-Grant Congruency Review. In compliance with the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy Section V.B. animal work detailed in your grant must be approved by the IACUC and included in your protocol BEFORE funds may be released. Thus, it is in your best interest to submit any necessary amendments when you receive a fundable score and as soon as possible at or before the JIT stage.

In the case where the period of performance for the grant is more than 3 years, the ARC team must ensure that the first 3 years of animal work described in the grant application are also described in sufficient detail in the IACUC protocol. It is the expectation of the sponsor (and of the IACUC) that any work to be conducted in later years of the award (i.e., years 4 and 5 of a 5-year grant) will be briefly described without experimental details in the IACUC protocol, with detail regarding these later-year studies to be included in the protocol's de novo 3-year renewal.

For more information on the process of congruency review, please see the most recent guidance from OLAW: NOT-OD-22-005 and the NIH: NIH GPS 4.1.1

DOD/ONR/VA Special Requirements

Animal work with DOD or ONR funding must be detailed in its own IACUC protocol. Please contact the ARC office at [email protected] for more information on these and other very detailed requirements. DO NOT SUBMIT DOCUMENTS DIRECTLY TO DOD/ONR/VA. The forms and requirements change often. The ARC team will provide you with the most up-to-date information and will handle all communications with the funding agency for these protocols.

Collaborative Awards/ MOA

When Brown is the prime awardee and animal work will be conducted under the award at an external performance site, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) must be set up in addition to the congruency review prior to the release of funds. The ARC team will work with you and your collaborators to complete this paperwork. This is required to comply with The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals; Section 2, Animal Care and Use Program and OLAW Guidance (FAQ D8) which set forth the expectation that research institutions will have a formal written understanding (e.g., an MOA) that addresses responsibilities for animal care and use, animal ownership, and IACUC review and oversight when more than one institution is engaged in animal research. PHS Policy section IV. A also requires that all awardees and sites at which animal work will be performed hold an approved Animal Welfare Assurance.

Once protocol-grant congruency is verified and the collaborating site has completed its section of the MOA, the ARC team will upload the approval letter, IACUC protocol, and award documents to InfoEd. The ARC team will request and document subsequent approval letters from the collaborating site throughout the lifetime of the award.

OLAW Assurance/USDA Registration/ AAALAC Accreditation Numbers

  • OLAW Assurance # : D16-00183, renewed 2021

  • USDA Registration # : 15-R-0003, Customer ID 267, renewed 2021

  • AAALAC Accreditation Status : Full, renewed 6/2/2020 - {Accredited since 1971}


Please see the Funding FAQ for more information.

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