Long-Term Care

The primary purpose of long-term care insurance is to protect your retirement assets from being eroded by the potentially devastating costs of long-term care. Making informed decisions about choosing long-term care insurance could provide financial peace of mind.


Employees must work at least 18.75 hours per week, based on a 52-week year. Eligible employees may obtain long-term care insurance for themselves, spouses or same-sex domestic partners, or parents.


The long-term care insurance benefit is entirely employee-paid. There are several discounted premium plans available through a handful of insurance companies. Employees may obtain estimates pertaining to a specific policy directly from RetirementGuard*.

Contact Information

Craig Davis, President
Phone: 1-888-793-6111
Fax: 1-860-435-4599
Email: [email protected]
Website: www. RetirementGuard.com/Brown


*RetirementGuard, LLC provides options for Long-Term Care insurance as a voluntary and fully employee-paid benefit to Brown employees. While the University has selected RetirementGuard as its referral source for this benefit, employees may elect to use this vendor or any other similar programs available through public offerings. Employees should consider their individual family and financial situations before making a determination if such insurance is right for them.