Dr. Agbai Successfully Defends

 Congratulations to Chinyere Agbai for successfully defending her dissertation entitled, “Wealth Begins at Home: A Historical Analysis of the Role of the 1944 GI Bill in Linking, Race, Place, Wealth, and Health in America.”

Dr. Bernier Successfully Defends

Congratulations to Quinn Bernier for successfully defending his dissertation, “Risky Business: Agricultural Transformation in Tanzania.”

Dr. prabh kehal Successfully Defends

Congratulations to prabh kehal for successfully defending their dissertation entitled, “Racializing Meritocracy: Ideas of Excellence and Exclusion in Faculty Diversity."

Dr. McNeill Successfully Defends

Congratulations to Kristen McNeill for successfully defending her dissertation, “Cultural Foundations of Creditworthiness: Gendered Evaluations of Borrowers in Colombian Microcredit.”

Dr. Notter Successfully Defends

Congratulations to Izzy Notter for successfully defending her dissertation, “Intergenerational Transfers Between Adult Children and Their Aging Parents.”

Dr. Zagame Successfully Defends

Congratulations to Amanda Zagame for successfully defending her dissertation, “Understanding Fathering and Adolescents’ Wellbeing: Father Figures and Transition to Young Adulthood.”

Dr. Garbes Successfully Defends

Congratulations to Laura Garbes for successfully defending her dissertation, “Sound, Public Radio, and Particularistic Performance Standards in the Workplace.”

Dr. Brennan Successfully Defends

Congratulations to Liz Brennan on successfully defending her dissertation, “Autonomy Disrupted: Law, Technology, and its Impact on Professions’ Autonomy Following the Implementation of the Electronic Health Record.”

Rhode Island educators raise money for medical supplies for Ukraine

Michael Kennedy speaks with NBC 10 about his Friends of Ukraine initiative that seeks to send medical aid to the country. (WJAR)

Congratulations to John B. Diamond

John was named a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association on February 28, 2022.