MRI Image Gallery

Bold EPI functional imaging
BOLD EPI functional imaging at 1.5 mm isotropic resolution: Six 12 sec alternations of 8 Hz reversing checkerboards at 6% contrast. No spatial or temporal smoothing. Functional data thresholded at p < 0.00001 uncorrected with minimum cluster size of 40 contiguous voxels. Note how functional activation follows the contours of the suclus.

Signal-to-Noise Comparison
Signal-to-Noise Comparison: 32-Channel vs 12-Channel Head Coils: Percent improvement for 32-channel Siemens head coil vs standard 12-channel Siemens head coil ((SNR:32/SNR:8)*100). Value of 100 equals equivalent performance; 200 indicates 2x SNR for 32-channel coil.

32-channel Structural Imaging
32-Channel Structural Imaging: MPRAGE data acquired at 1 mm^3 resolution with the Siemens 32-channel head coil. Acquisition time: 4:01

Non-human primate imaging
Non-Human Primate Imaging: Axial image of a macaque monkey scanned at 3T. Voxel size is 600 µm^3

High-resolution fish imaging
High-Resolution Fish Imaging: Sagital section of a 30-pound striped bass. Voxel size is 700 µm^3. (Courtesy Dr Beth Brainerd)

Small animal imaging
Small Animal Imaging: 3D reconstructions of adult mouse brains imaged at 3T using the Siemens AC88 gradient insert. Voxel size is 160 µm^3. (Courtesy Dr Mark Zervas)