IRB Requirements

Please visit the Brown University IRB web page for information regarding IRB requirements and to download the current IRB-approved MRI consent addendum.

New Proposals

The use of the MR facility is reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee; approval is contingent upon scientific or didactic merit, innovation, feasibility and likelihood that the proposed instructional use will be within the academic mission of Brown University.

Projects involving students are encouraged, but a faculty Principal Investigator must participate and sponsor students in each research project. Students and post-doctoral fellows can submit proposals but should have a faculty member review the proposal before submission. Committee reviews will be completed within four weeks of submission, although the MRF Scientific Advisory Committee may request an interview with the applicant(s) to discuss and clarify the proposal contents. Multiple submissions from a single investigator, student, post-doctoral fellow or instructor are encouraged. Applications for renewal of projects without significant evidence for forthcoming external or internal support are discouraged.

Contact with the committee prior to submitting an application is encouraged.

Application Process 

Download the MRF Application and Fee Schedule

The application packet must include:

  • Completed and signed application form (signed face page and PDF format)
  • Research project description (PDF format)
  • Curriculum Vitae (PI and faculty sponsor) (PDF format)

Please send all completed application materials via email in PDF format to [email protected]. Also submit the signed original MRF Application by mail to:

MRI Facility Administrative Coordinator
Brown University
Carney Institute for Brain Science
Box 1901
164 Angell St., 4th Floor 
Providence, RI 02912-1953