MRI Safety Training

Safety training is required for all research personnel who will be accessing the MRI Facility in the course of their research. The objective of MRI safety/system operation training is to ensure the safe operation of the MRI research facility, to protect volunteers, research personnel and staff in the daily operation of the MRI scanner. These guidelines are designed to prevent accidents due to interactions with the MRI system. Recertification is required every two years. There are three levels of training:

Level 1 – Basic Safety Training

Level 1 training provides the knowledge necessary to ensure ones own safety during research-related activities within the MRI suite. Persons with Level 1 training do not require escort within the MRI suite but they may not enter the scan room without the approval of the scanner operator. Level 1 individuals may not be responsible for escorting volunteers or visitors nor are they permitted to handle MRI research equipment. All trainees will complete the “Screening Form for Volunteers” at the time of training. Basic MRI Safety Training requirements:

  • View Siemens MRI Safety orientation DVD “The Perfection of Care”
  • Attend “Brown University MRI Safety Presentation 1”
  • Review of MRF Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Complete MRI Safety Quiz
  • Review from Huettel; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Chapter 2, Section “MRI Safety” pp 39-48.
  • SFH site specific orientation to include overview of emergency response procedures in the event of evacuation due to fire, quench, or other emergency events.

Level 2 – Advanced Safety Training

Level 2 training builds on Level 1 training, providing additional knowledge to protect the safety of others and to safely handle MRI related research equipment. Level 2 personnel are permitted to escort volunteers with the approval of the scanner operator. It is expected that most personnel routinely involved in research activities at the MRF will complete Level 2 training. Advanced MRI Safety Training requirements:

  • All components of Level 1 Training, plus
  • Attend “Brown University MRI Safety Screening at 3T Presentation 2”
  • Orientation to subject preparation. (Removal of clothing, securing valuables, execution of screening form, explanation of MRI exam)
  • Orientation to MRI scan room and MRI equipment. (Scan room door overrides, table controls, intercom, emergency squeeze ball, linen, storage and use of RF coils)
  • Emergency Procedures Training: instruction in procedures related to emergency situations involving medical emergencies (such as cardiac arrest) or those presenting an immediate threat to human life or to the facility infrastructure. Orientation to location of Siemens Quench and Emergency Run-Down buttons, and the procedure for the evacuation of a subject during an adverse event. Review of evacuation plan.

Level 3 – Scanner Operator Training

Level 3 Training Policy

Level 3 training builds on Level 1 and 2 training and provide the additional knowledge necessary for independent operation of the MRI system. Level 3 personnel have access to all areas of the MRI suite and, when operating the scanner, are responsible for the safety of research personnel, volunteers and visitors. Level 3 personnel must have certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS). Scanner Operator training is available to advanced graduate students, post-docs, faculty and certain other individuals at the discretion of the administration. Undergraduates may not operate the scanner. MRI Scanner Operation Training requirements:

  • Minimum 6 hours of shadowing Level 3 MRF personnel performing magnet operations
  • Overview of MRI system start-up and shutdown procedure
  • Orientation of MR equipment room, O2 connections, vacuum valve, immobilization pillows
  • Supervised execution of routine scanning procedures
  • Overview of MRF Incidental Finding protocol

Please contact Lynn Fanella for information and scheduling.