Lactation Resources

Brown University recognizes the positive benefits of breastfeeding for new parents, children, and the community. Brown is committed to providing employees and their supervisors with the tools that they need to support breastfeeding parents while at work.

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Resources for the Lactating Parent

Proactive planning can help you prepare for your breastfeeding journey before, during, and after leave. Access tools and resources.



Resources for the Supervisor of a Lactating Parent

Supervisors may assist employees by familiarizing themselves with resources, communicating support, and remaining compliant with Brown policies. Access tools and resources.



Lactation (Privacy) Room Locations

 The following campus-based (red) or hospital (green) locations are accessible to Brown faculty, staff, students or visitors during Brown University business hours or as otherwise indicated. Nursing mothers must provide their own pump, adapter, and accessories as well as a small cooler or insulated bag.

To determine the distance of the nearest Lactation (Privacy) room: click the full-page view, click on the drop down menu or icon on the map, then click on directions and type in your location.

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Please note: if you are experiencing difficulties with your lactation space that cannot be resolved by your space coordinator or you are having trouble securing an adequate space, contact [email protected].