B.E.A.R. Day Messages



About This Video

In Fall 2023, University Human Resources and the Office of University Communications put out a call for staff members to submit short messages of appreciation to their “unsung heroes” across the University, recognizing staff colleagues who keep our campus running and often go above and beyond for our students, staff, faculty and others in our community.

We received more than 70 messages recognizing staff from more than 36 departments and offices across Brown University. A few of these individuals are featured in the 2024 BEAR Day video. All of the messages were shared privately with the recipients. Portions of the messages can be viewed on Instagram.

Those recognized include:

Ran Alix-Garth
Nicholas Amesbury
Grace Argo
Ann Beauregard-Young
Michael Berman
Antwan Bluster
Cheryl Botelho
Victoria Bray
Michelle Brayton
Cindy Calabro
Diana Canales Osorio
Cody Carvel
Yolanda Castillo-Appollonio
Thano Chaltas
Chloe Clasper-Torch
Julia Craig
Ruth Crane
Tracey Cronin
Bila Djamaoeddin
Kate Donohue
Katie Doyle
Abigail Durmaz
Terry Edmonds
Dina Egge
Deneen Eugenio
Robert Farizer
Marisa Forney
Michael Gillardi
Kathy Gomez
Colleen Gosetti
Sophia Gumbs
Charles Hampton
Francisco Hernandez
Alexander Lyte
Samuel Madison
MJ Malpiedi
Margaret Manning
Eric Manthei
Shane Martin
Kristen McKinnon
Desirae Mix
Drew Moser
Patricia Mulcahey
Kirk Murrell
David Mycue
Allan Nassif
Brittany Pailthorpe
Elly Peimer
Amy Prisco
Rebecca Rex
Gisselle Rodriguez Benitez
Kathleen Rose
Michael Santoemmo
Debra Scaramuzzi
Leo Selvaggio
Meghan Silvestri
Lauren Souza
Jill Stewart
Diane Straker
Dana Sutcliffe
Damien Trimmer
Mark Valente
Betsy Valle
AngelMarie VanGyzen
Jennifer Vieira
Wendy Wallace
Michele Welindt
Kirsten Wolfe
Mary Ellen Woycik
Elizabeth Yalkut

Thanks to the Writers

Thank you to all who submitted a message of gratitude for your colleagues. Your words of recognition celebrate the incredible community we have at Brown.

Message writers include:

Lalit Beura
Jennifer Casasanto
Emily Cooperdock
Dolores Cox
Jaci DaCosta
Daryn Davis ’24
Jody Duhaime
Gregory Elliott
Brenda Figeroa
Lisa Frappier
Sarah Gamble
Rae Gould
Mary Hadley
Meghan Hall
Maija Hallsmith
Abbi Hasselbach
Danielle Izzi-St. Pierre
Erin Karalekas
Rishika Kartik ’26
Iman Khanbhai ’25
Jessica Kilgore
Liisa Laine
Kelly Lemieux
Lillian Levin
Justin Lu
Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo
Batisse Manhardt ’26
Catherine Mata
Kris McCutcheon
Amy Morton
Aizat Nurshatayeva
April O’Malley
Brittany Pailthorpe
Elly Peimer
Patrick Rashleigh
Michael Santoemmo
Yuna Sato ’24
Meg Silvestri
Dawn Silvia
Kate Smith
Stacey Soares
Jane Sokolosky
Carrie Spearin
Samantha Stanley
Sunjidmaa Sukhbaatar
Stephanie Tam
Sydney Thomas
Tina Trahan
Susan Vieira
Allison Walsh
Porscha-Dior Williams
Alexis Wilson
Darcy Wilson
Kirsten Wolfe
Mary Wright