Leading From Where You Are

Leading from where you are

Leading From Where You Are (LFWYA) helps individual contributors develop the skills necessary to lead from within their current position. Using a blended learning methodology, LFWYA brings participants through sessions with instructor-led programming, self-directed learning, independent article review, and group discussion. As a result, participants emerge with an increased awareness of themselves professionally and how they can make an impact on their team within their current role. 

Eight unique sessions comprise the course. Learning groups meet between each session to discuss the session topics and put the information to practical use. Participants are also responsible for reviewing articles, videos, etc., related to the upcoming session.


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This program is for individual contributors, Grade 6 or above, who want to contribute more to their teams and projects and develop their leadership skills. Staff who manage others as direct reports are not eligible. Participants must have completed at least one formal performance review cycle and obtained an overall rating of effective, highly effective, or exceptional. They must have manager approval to be considered for the program.

Program Updates

Spring 2024 Cohort Update

March 15, 2024

The application period for the Spring 2024 cohort is closed. 

February 28, 2024

The Spring cohort for Leading From Where You Are is now accepting applications.  




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