Leadership Certification Program

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The Leadership Certification Program (LCP) provides new and existing leaders with the skills necessary to effectively lead at Brown. To become certified, leaders must first attend An Orientation to Leadership at Brown. All newly-hired and promoted managers are required to certify and will be automatically registered in the program. Existing leaders are also encouraged to certify to refresh their skills and provide valuable insights while participating in the program. To see what sessions are coming up, visit our Instructor-led Sessions page.

For more information about enrollment in the program, contact [email protected].

Information for Managers

Managers of program participants play a critical role in the successful transfer of skills to the workplace. Throughout the LCP, managers receive information about the program to position the participant for success.

Here are some tips to support your participant during their certification:

  • Time: Work together to plan release time to participate in the program.
  • Accountability: Hold the participant accountable for consciously applying the strategies and tools learned.
  • Guidance and Encouragement: Overcome barriers which may prevent the participant from applying the skills and measuring progress. Provide timely feedback from first-hand observations and acknowledge the impact of their success.
  • Tools: Use performance management tools and process, along with weekly meetings, to review and document your participant's leadership development progress.