Career & Professional Development

Morning Sessions (10:15a -11:30a)

Developing Your Career Management Toolbox Part 1: Resume and Cover Letter Best Practices

Learn how to create a strong resume and cover letter that will help you stand out. This workshop will include how to highlight your accomplishments and transferable skills in your resume, and what to include and not include in your cover letter.

Anne Lipsitz, Executive and career coach

Instructor-led Session | Virtual | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Effective and Compassionate Leadership

When you lead with curiosity, compassion and care, you can create an environment that not only moves the institution forward but also is a positive and productive environment for employees. As leaders, we have an obligation to get the work done as well as create an environment where people choose to come to work because they believe in the mission, feel respected and heard and can navigate their day even when (or especially when) there is conflict or there are breakdowns.

Sara Walsh, Executive Dean of Finance and Administration

Instructor-led Session | In-Person | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Location: Friedman Hall, Room 101

Getting Into People's Heads: Intro to User Experience (UX) Research

Whether you are designing a process, organizing a website or improving your department's services, this short introduction to user experience (UX) research will give you tools to understand what your "customers" want and how you can better meet their needs.

Stephanie Obodda, Assistant Director, IT User Experience Strategy, Office of Information Technology

Instructor-led Session | In-Person | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Location: Salomon Hall, Room 203

Information Mapping: A Secret Weapon for User-Friendly Documentation

It can be challenging to create easy-to-understand documentation — procedures, reports, manuals, emails, blog posts and more — about a complex topic. Level up your written communication skills by learning a methodology to create clear, easy-to-follow documentation. You will walk away with practical tips and examples to help you apply what you learn and transform your documentation.

Wendi Lewis, Lead Business Intelligence Analyst and Application Support Manager, Office of Information Technology

Instructor-led Session | In-Person | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Location: Salomon Hall, Room 202

Powerful and Persuasive Communication

Learn how to be a stronger, more influential communicator in whatever you do, whether or not formal presentations are part of your job. Barbara Tannenbaum will teach practical communication tools to help you center your audience, model confidence and use both verbal and nonverbal communication for impact.

Barbara Tannenbaum, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Instructor-led Session | Virtual | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Project Management for the PM-Curious

Interested in learning about project management but unsure of where to start? Start here! Learn what project management is, what a project manager (PM) does and how to take PM skills and mindset with you into your day-to-day.

Bethany Warburton, Senior Project Manager, Office of Information Technology

Instructor-led Session | Virtual | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Working Together to Increase and Spread Empathy

While empathy has always been a critical skill for leaders, recently it has taken on a new level of meaning and priority. Empathy contributes to positive relationships in organizational culture and drives results. Join Keith Thompson, assistant director of professional development programs with University Human Resources, to learn the key concepts surrounding empathy and develop your capacity for showing empathy to others in the workplace.

Keith Thompson, Assistant Director of Talent Development, University Human Resources

Instructor-led Session | Virtual | Morning (10:15a - 11:30a)

Afternoon Sessions (1:00p - 4:00p)

Developing Dignity Skills

The need has never been more urgent for people in leadership positions to be educated in matters related to dignity. The desire to be treated as something of value is universal. At the same time, we are all vulnerable to having our dignity violated, creating conflicts wherever human beings cluster — in families, in communities, in the workplace and among nations. The push for dignity is one of the root causes of conflict, yet it is rarely addressed when attempting to manage and negotiate a resolution to disputes. How can something so fundamental to the human experience have been neglected for so long? Learn more about the role dignity plays in our lives and relationships; how to honor dignity and assess dignity competency; how to give, receive and ask for feedback; and how to acknowledge dignity violations in yourself and others.

Donna Hicks, Associate, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University

Instructor-led Session | In-Person | Afternoon (Note: This session is from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm).

Location: Kasper Multipurpose Room, Stephen Robert Campus Center

Afternoon Sessions (1:15p - 2:30p)

Developing Your Career Management Toolbox Part 2: Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a tool that can be used personally and professionally to build your brand and network. This workshop will help you maximize LinkedIn’s potential, explain the platform’s strategic word/algorithm properties and teach you how to use it to recruit, network and be seen as a subject matter expert.

Anne Lipsitz, Executive and career coach

Instructor-led Session | Virtual | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Moving From Boss to Coach

Managers today are stretched in every direction. In this session, you'll learn about Gallup’s research-driven five key conversations for maximizing your team’s productivity and engagement, what it means to transition from boss to coach and the benefits this transition can provide to you, your team members and the organizational culture.

Bethany Warburton, Certified Gallup Coach

Instructor-led Session | Virtual | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

President's Staff Advisory Council (SAC): We Want You!

Learn more about the role of the President's Staff Advisory Council, or SAC — who they are, what they do and how you can get involved.

Anita Nester, Undergraduate Concentration Manager, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Instructor-led Session | In-Person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Location: Salomon Hall, Room 203