Employee Assistance Program

Counseling, coaching, and support services are administered by Spring Health, Brown's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Available Services

  • Free therapy. Get up to 10 therapy sessions per year for you and every member of your family, at no cost to you. See a therapist in less than 2 days.
  • Personalized care. Take a short online assessment to get a personalized care plan based on your current needs and long-term goals.
  • Dedicated support. Connect with your Care Navigator at any time. Care Navigators are licensed mental health professionals who can help you find the right therapist, schedule appointments, provide guidance, and check in with you along the way. 
  • Diverse providers. Find a therapist you can relate to. Search by condition, specialty, gender, race, language, and more.
  • Wellness exercises. Get on-demand access to a digital library of self-guided exercises designed to improve your mental wellbeing.
  • Coaching. Connect with a professional coach to help you set and achieve tangible goals, build new skills, and develop healthier habits.
  • Work-life services. Talk to experts and find resources for legal assistance, financial services, child and elder care, travel, and more. Explore work-life resources. (work-life code: brownu)

Accessing Services

Access Counseling, Coaching, and Mental Health Support:
Visit: brownu.springhealth.com 
Email: [email protected]
Direct access to legal, financial, and other work-life services: 
Call: 1-844-773-1425
Email: [email protected] 
(work-life code: brownu)

Accessing Spring Health: What to Expect on Initial Log-In

Upon account creation you’ll take a brief online questionnaire. Most individuals will complete the questionnaire in less than three minutes! You're then provided a recommended care plan based on your responses - this care plan may contain guided meditations, coaching, and therapy services. This is not a diagnostic test and you are not required to follow your care plan - these are just options to help maintain or improve your mental wellbeing.  Once completed, Spring Health will match you with a dedicated Care Navigator who can answer any questions about these tools and connect you to the right resources.

Currently Working with BetterHelp?
Please call 1-855-629-0554 so that Spring Health can assist you with your care plan.


Regular or fixed-term employees and members of their immediate families and household age 6+.* Benefits end on termination of employment, but are included under COBRA after termination.

* Employees seeking assistance for family members younger than age 6 can work with Spring Health’s Referral Concierge to find support.

Information for Supervisors

Supervisors who wish to have their employees use the EAP as a condition of continued employment, or who have questions about the appropriateness of the EAP in addressing performance issues, should contact the Employee and Labor Relations team at [email protected].


Access Support for Current Events/Ongoing Acts of Violence.