With Telemedicine, you can call a doctor any time, day or night.

Employees and dependents covered under one of Brown's health insurance plans have access to telemedicine. Some conveniences include:

  • Access to board-certified physicians through phone and/or video consultations.
  • The ability to talk to a doctor from the comfort of your home or office without an appointment.
  • The virtual visit is free of charge if you are a member of United Healthcare's comprehensive plan or a Blue Cross Blue Shield member. For those in United Healthcare's high-deductible plan, the deductible applies.


Blue Cross

United Healthcare



See what your colleagues are saying about Telemedicine:

"I was suffering from symptoms of bronchitis for about a week. I was extremely busy at work and my doctor is about 45 minutes away, which would mean taking a half day away from the office. I went online and registered for telemedicine; within 20 minutes a doctor called me back, phoning in a prescription to my registered pharmacy for pick-up. My cost: $0. No time away from work: invaluable.”

"I had a terrible sinus infection, and the last thing I felt like doing was spending half of my Saturday waiting around at an urgent care center with my bored child. I used the telemedicine app on my iPad, waited in a virtual waiting room for about 4 minutes, and was seen by a great practitioner. About an hour later, I was driving to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and by evening was feeling so much better!"