Business Travel Accident Plan


Employees traveling on assignment by or with the authorization of Brown University outside University-owned property in the City of Providence, with travel costs reimbursed by the University, the Business Travel Accident Plan pays benefits for accidents resulting in death or dismemberment of the employee.

Business Travel Accident benefits are payable in addition to any other life insurance benefits.

Coverage starts when the employee departs from home, office, or other location, whichever is later, to go on a business trip and continues until the employee return home, to the office, or whichever is sooner.

The University discourages business travel in employee groups larger than five. In the event of multiple deaths for a group larger than 25, the University reserves the right to limit the payable benefit. The current aggregate limit of liability is $10,000,000 per accident.


Regular faculty or staff members paid by the University at the time of travel, are covered by Brown’s Business Travel Accident Plan according to the criteria described above. (Regular faculty and staff on unpaid sabbatical or special assignment are also covered if traveling at the request of Brown.) Coverage ends on the last day of employment at Brown University.

Plan Documents

Below are helpful documents with important information about the Brown University Business Travel Accident Plan.