With approximately 50 faculty associates, 60 predoctoral trainees, and 10 postdoctoral fellows, the PSTC provides a stimulating environment in which scholars focusing on population studies can be exposed to the work of other researchers with population interests, collaborate across disciplines, and receive support in computing and grants management. Associates are also eligible for developmental funds and physical space.

PSTC faculty associates help advance high-quality, innovative, and influential population-related research that is or promises to be influential in the traditional demographic community and their respective disciplines and/or advances an emerging line of interdisciplinary research.

Every aspect of my research has benefited from my PSTC affiliation. For my project on children and the federal nutritional safety net, I received a grant and needed to set up some complex data in very short order. In-house programming assistance allowed me to get up and running on the project much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. Simultaneously, the PSTC provides computing space for my research assistant on the project, and PSTC grants management staff have given me a tremendous amount of help in navigating the complicated process of submitting a federal grant. All of this support, on top of the day-to-day intellectual benefits of being part of a structured community of like-minded scholars, has afforded me the opportunity to get my work done and to enjoy it in the process. I could not have done many aspects of my work without this support!”  

Margot Jackson, Associate Professor of Sociology and PSTC Faculty Associate

How to affiliate

Brown faculty interested in learning about the Center, please contact PSTC Assistant Director Elly Peimer at [email protected].

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