Reproductive Justice Research Working Group

The PSTC and the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women launched a new Reproductive Justice Research Collaborative in 2023. The group will have opportunities for Brown-affiliated researchers at all levels, from undergraduate through senior faculty. 

Reproductive justice is a movement originating in and centering the work of feminist of color activists and scholars. It expands the framework of reproductive rights to a broader understanding of bodily autonomy, the right to parent in a safe and healthy environment and at a time of one's choosing, and the right not to become a parent. Members of this reproductive justice research working group come from a variety of disciplines and share in common a desire to better coordinate and amplify the reproductive justice research happening at Brown.

This fall, Faculty Lunches convened by Sarah Gamble (Pembroke Center) and PSTC Faculty Associates Madina Agénor and Maria Steenland will kickoff the collaboration, with more activities to follow.