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PSTC Year End Celebration

Special Events

Graduation Reception

Community Event

Graduation Reception

Special Events

A Nowadays Disease: HIV/AIDS & Social Change in Rural South Africa

Sanyu Mojola, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

In this talk, Sanyu Mojola will consider the role of the life course and gendered sexuality in how South Africans adapt to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Special Events

Leaping the Hurdles and Navigating the Maze: Getting NIH Funding

Rosalind King, Associate Director for Prevention and Program Director, Population Dynamics Branch, NICHD

Roz King will discuss tips for getting NIH funding in this virtual talk.

Special Events

Accessing data in the Federal Statistical Research Data Center

Katie R Genadek, Economist at the US Census Bureau and Faculty Research Associate at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Katie Genadek, a Census Bureau economist, will lead a brief workshop on accessing data in the Federal Statistical Research Data Centers.

Special Events

Winter Welcome Back Lunch

Join us to celebrate the start of the semester.

Special Events

Social Exclusion as (Un)anticipated Consequence? Gender, Race, and Mertonian Mechanisms in Wikipedia

Julia Adams, Professor of Sociology and International and Area Studies, Yale University

Adams will consider problems of representation on Wikipedia associated with race and gender.

Special Events

Advanced Research Institute on International Migration (ARIIM): Central America and the South of Mexico

Silvia Giorguli, David Lindstrom, Jéssica Nájera, Luciana Gandini

This 5-day research institute will focus on the topic of migration in North and Central America.

Special Events

New Scenarios of Mexican and Central American Migration

Jorge G. Durand, Professor, University of Guadalajara and Center for Economic Research and Training

Durand is co-founder of the Mexican Migration Project and has spent thirty years studying the migratory phenomenon between Mexico and the United States.

Special Events

Migration Flows at the Mexican Borders: New Variations inside Old Patterns

Marie-Laure Coubès, Professor of Population Studies, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana

Coubès focuses her research on employment and mobility in Mexico, particularly on the Mexico-U.S. border.


Population Association of America Annual Meeting

Austin, Texas

More than 30 PSTC affiliates will present their research in paper and poster sessions at PAA.

Special Events

The Privileged Poor

Anthony Jack, Assistant Professor of Education, Harvard University

Jack will address the issue of diversity and inclusion, with a focus on the varied experiences of poor students in elite colleges. 

Special Events

Children in U.S.-Mexico Migration: The 0.5 Generation

Silvia Elena Giorguli Saucedo, Professor of Demography and President, El Colegio de México

Giorguli's research has focused on issues of migration from Mexico to the U.S. and its consequences on education and family formation for the Mexican population on both sides of the border.

Special Events

Mexico: A New Normal? Immigration, Transit Migration, and Emigration after 2015

Agustin Escobar Latapí, Director of the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Social Anthropology, Mexico City

Escobar’s primary interests center on Mexican migration to and from the United States, Mexican social policy, and the evaluation of social welfare and development policy.

Special Events

Demographic Racial Transitions

Tukufu Zuberi, Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

Zuberi will present a demographic history of racial stratification for the past 500 years.

Special Events

The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping the Childhood Roots of Social Mobility

John Friedman, Associate Professor of Economics, Brown University

Friedman will discuss the construction of a publicly available atlas of children's outcomes in adulthood by Census tract using anonymized longitudinal data covering nearly the entire U.S. population.

Special Events

Welcome Back Lunch

A gathering to kick off the Fall semester and welcome new PSTC community members.

Special Events

Strategies for Creating Engaging Intergenerational Spaces and Places

Matthew Kaplan, Professor of Intergenerational Programs and Aging, Penn State University; and Mariano Sánchez, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Granada and Visiting Scholar in Population Studies at Brown University

Kaplan and Sánchez will present examples of creative programs, planned environments, and design strategies that are responsive to intergenerational engagement goals in diverse settings.

Special Events

Year End Reception

A celebration of our graduating trainees and farewell to the members of the PSTC community who are leaving Brown.

Special Events

Poster Session

Research Posters Presented at PAA

Featuring research posters presented at the PAA annual meeting.

Special Events

PSTC Reception at PAA

Join PSTC and Brown University friends and alumni for a reception during the annual meeting of the Population Association of American (PAA) in Denver, Friday evening, 6-7:30 pm.

Special Events

Brown at PAA

PSTC affiliates are participating in more than 50 sessions and poster presentations at PAA in Denver.

Special Events

The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages: An Urgent History of Now

Annelise Orleck (Dartmouth College) and Mirjaam Parada (Providence Fight for $15/UNITE HERE) 

Discussion of a new labor movement sparked and sustained by low-wage workers from across the globe.

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4), Special Events

Scott Allard – Places in Need: The Changing Geography of Poverty

Panelists Roberto Gonzales, Margaret Weir, and Michael White

Discussion of Allard’s recent book will include PSTC Faculty Associate Michael White as a panelist. Book signing and reception to follow. 

Special Events

Changing Familial Values and Behaviors in Low-fertility East Asia

Ming-Chang Tsai, PSTC Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow of Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Community Event

Yoga Lunch Break: Breathe for Less Stress

Jessie Dwiggins, a certified yoga instructor

Special Events

Chinese Society After One-Child Policy and Hyper Economic Growth

A one-day conference presenting two sessions on Chinese society

Special Events

Pathways to Advancing Adolescent Well-being

A two-day conference presenting research results from the Jimma Longitudinal Family Survey of Youth (JLFSY), Ethiopia