The training program at the PSTC offers a richly faceted approach to population studies. In addition to mentoring from PSTC faculty associates, selected coursework, and administrative and funding support, the Center offers wide exposure to the field and leading scholars via colloquia and special speaker series, working groups, workshops, and professionalization opportunities. All new PSTC trainees are expected to attend a proseminar, which is scheduled from 2:30-3:30 pm on Thursdays. Visit the PSTC's Events page for details about upcoming activities at the Center.

The post-colloquia meetings with speakers have been the most valuable part of my PSTC trainee experience so far. In some cases, they are great networking opportunities, and in others, they are simply a unique chance to sit down with someone to collect personal and professional advice. In one case, my meeting with a speaker led to co-authoring a paper together! Had I not attended the grad student meeting after her presentation, I could have never made such a valuable connection.   - Kira DiClemente, PSTC Predoctoral Trainee in Public Health