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PSTC Colloquia

The causal effect of an Income Shock on Children's Human Capital

Cristina Borra, Professor of Microeconomics and Labour Economics, University of Seville


PSTC Colloquia

The Scars of Legal Violence: State and local immigrant policy, surveillance, and enforcement and population health inequality.

Courtney E. Boen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

PSTC Colloquia

Administrative Burden and Procedural Denials: Experimental Evidence from SNAP

Tatiana A Homonoff, Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy, New York University

PSTC Colloquia

What is Kin Care? Changes in Intergenerational Obligations in Elder Care in Ghana

Cati Coe, Anthropologist, Carleton University

PSTC Colloquia

Becoming Invisible: How Aging Alters the Threat and Fear of Deportation for Mexican Immigrants

Isabel Garcia Valdivia, PSTC Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University


PSTC Colloquia

The Allocation and Impacts of Managerial Training Within the Firm

Achyuta Adhvaryu, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Michigan

PSTC Colloquia

Mobility Analysis for Pandemic Prevention Strategies (MAPPS): Using mobility and social network data to predict and prevent future pandemics.

Mark Lurie, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Brown University

Colloquia 11/17

Kate Burrows, Voss Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Environment and Society, Brown University

PSTC Colloquia

Health Disparities Among Older Adults following Tropical Cyclone Exposure in Florida, USA, 1999-2016

Kate Burrows, Voss Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute at Brown University for Environment and Society


PSTC Colloquia

PSTC Flash Session