Upcoming Events


PSTC Colloquia

When Does Money Matter? School Funding and Black-White Inequality of Educational Achievement 2009-2014

Emily Rauscher, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brown University

Rauscher will address the relationship between school funding and academic achievement.

PSTC Colloquia

The Effects of Immigration on the Economy over the 20th Century: Lessons from the Closing and Re-opening of the Border

Leah Boustan, Professor of Economics, Princeton University

Boustan will address the effects of the closure of the U.S. border to new immigrants in the 1920s on local labor markets.

Working Group in Anthropology and Population (WGAP)

Lampedusa is Burning: Open Spaces of Detention in an Italian Migrant Limboscape

Dinah Hannaford, Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies, Texas A&M University

Hannaford will discuss the European “refugee crisis” in Italy, exploring the concepts of limbo and open detention.


PSTC Colloquia

Distributing Norms: Notes on the Normal Distribution from Quetelet through Kinsey

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Professor of Demography, UC Berkeley

Johnson-Hanks will discuss denominators, exposure to risk, and selection into and out of social categories.

PSTC Colloquia

Unbundling payments for long-acting reversible contraception immediately postpartum among Medicaid-covered women in South Carolina

Maria Steenland, Postdoctoral Fellow in Population Studies, Brown University

Steenland will discuss the effects of South Carolina's 2012 Medicaid policy change.

PSTC Colloquia

A Unified Law of Mortality: Implications for the Long Run Effects of Early Conditions

Adriana Lleras-Muney, Professor of Economics, UCLA

Lleras-Muney will discuss how social and economic conditions experienced early in life affect the evolution of health and mortality rates over the lifetime.

Special Events

The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping the Childhood Roots of Social Mobility

John Friedman, Associate Professor of Economics, Brown University

Friedman will discuss the construction of a publicly available atlas of children's outcomes in adulthood by Census tract using anonymized longitudinal data covering nearly the entire U.S. population.

PSTC Colloquia

Conspicuous Redistribution: Masculinity and Money in Contemporary Nigeria

Daniel Jordan Smith, Professor of Anthropology, Brown University

Smith will explore the concept of conspicuous redistribution as means to understand Nigerian men’s behavior as they navigate the complex geometry of money and intimacy in their everyday lives.


PSTC Colloquia

Determinants of Equilibrium Particulate Exposure

Matthew Turner, Professor of Economics, Brown University

PSTC Colloquia

The Fragile Families Challenge

Matthew J. Salganik, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

Salganik will discuss a scientific mass collaboration that sets a benchmark of predictive performance for six life outcomes.

PSTC Colloquia

The End of Official Color-blindness and the Rise of Anti-anti-racism in Contemporary Latin America

Mara Loveman, Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley

PSTC Colloquia

Research Flash Session

Several PSTC trainees will presented their completed or in-progress research.


Working Group in Anthropology and Population (WGAP)

Children and Law in the Shadows: Responses to Parental Abduction in Japan

Allison Alexy, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and Department of Women’s Studies, University of Michigan

Alexy will examine the informal, familial, financial, and social means people use to solve what might be called “family problems” when formal legal assistance is foreclosed.