PSTC research is innovative, interdisciplinary, and characterized by a focus on social issues. Strong connections to three social science departments—Anthropology, Economics, and Sociology—and links to Education, Environmental Studies, History, Political Science, and Public Health provide rich opportunities for interdisciplinary investigation. The nature and depth of these collaborations is evident in the PSTC's signature research themes and the variety of affiliates' projects.

Featured Projects

American Communities Project





Efficacy of Medicaid-funded home visiting program in Rhode Island



Examining the relationship between subways and urban pollution



Is housing damage and displacement an explanation for population change in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?


Partnership for the next generation of HIV social science in South Africa



Spatial analyses of segregation trends: segregation and neighborhood change over time for African Americans and white ethnic immigrants


Using teacher evaluation data to drive instructional improvement: evidence from the partnership program in Tennessee