Postdoctoral Research Associates

Photo of Kate Burrows

Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Environmental migration; climate change and mental health; health disparities and environmental justice

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Transnational migration, Intercultural dynamics, Social inclusion/exclusion, Urban encounters, Migration and health, Chinese diaspora, Italy

Photo of Rachel Freeman-Wong

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Education Equity, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, LGBTQ rights, Community Organizing, and Qualitative Research

Isabel García Valdivia

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Immigration, Latinx Sociology, Family, Race and Ethnicity, Aging and Life Course, Qualitative Research

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Environmental migration, climate change adaptation, spatial inequality, disasters, built environment

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)

Environmental justice, political economy, built environment, spatial inequality, mutual aid, quantitative methods

Chantel Pheiffer

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Social Demography, Social Determinants of Health, Stratification, Migration, Residential Mobility, Social Policy

Sonia Rupcic

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Legal anthropology, Medical anthropology, Gender, Ethnicity, Violence, Humanitarianism, Criminal justice, Legal pluralism

Daniel Schleith

PSTC/S4 | Postdoctoral Fellow

Urban and transportation geographies, Accessibility, Commuting, Geographic Information Science, Spatial statistics, Big data

Photo of Nora Schwaller

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Household-level climate change adaptation; risk communication strategies; the relationship between historic inequity and vulnerability exposure

John Sullivan

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Residential segregation, Residential mobility, Age structure, Aging and environment

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)

Scholarly Interests: Urban and Spatial Inequality, Residential Segregation, Affordable Housing Policy, Neighborhood Change, Community Development, Built Environment

Photo of Heather Wurtz

PSTC/Pandemic Journaling Project | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Migration and human mobility; gender and sexuality; social movements; the social impact of policy