Postdoctoral Research Associates

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Transnational migration, Intercultural dynamics, Social inclusion/exclusion, Urban encounters, Migration and health, Chinese diaspora, Italy

Photo of Eunah Jung

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Placemaking, Public Space, Neighborhood Change, Urban and Spatial Inequality, Environmental Justice, Quantitative/Spatial Analytics, Data Science

Photo of Han Liu

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Social Stratification, Demography, Population Health

Photo of Carlo Medici wearing a blue sweater with a neutral background

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Labor Economics, Political Economy, Economic History, Immigration, Labor Unions, Public Sector Organizations

Photo of Greer Mellon

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

School Racial Composition and Parents’ School Preferences, School District Governance, Gender Inequality in the High-Skilled U.S. Labor Market

Photo of Tiziano Rotesi

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Political Economy, History, Discrimination, Media, Networks, Experiments, Narratives, Attitudes toward immigration

Sonia Rupcic

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Legal anthropology, Medical anthropology, Gender, Ethnicity, Violence, Humanitarianism, Criminal justice, Legal pluralism

Daniel Schleith

PSTC/S4 | Postdoctoral Fellow

Urban and transportation geographies, Accessibility, Commuting, Geographic Information Science, Spatial statistics, Big data

Photo of Pablo Seward Delaporte

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Migration, Urban Risk, Vulnerability, Care, Race, Gender, Space and Place, Subjectivity, Phenomenology, Latin America, Ethnography

John Sullivan

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Residential segregation, Residential mobility, Age structure, Aging and environment

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)

Scholarly Interests: Urban and Spatial Inequality, Residential Segregation, Affordable Housing Policy, Neighborhood Change, Community Development, Built Environment