Susan E. Short

Director of the PSTC | Sociology

Family, Gender, Inequality, Reproductive health

Margot Jackson

Associate Director of the PSTC | Sociology

Children and families, Health, Inequality and poverty

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Cancer Prevention, Health Disparities, Health Equity, Intersectionality, LGBTQ+ health, Patient-provider interactions, Sexual and Reproductive health, Social determinants of health, Social Epidemiology, Structural discrimination, Women's health

Anna Aizer


Child health, Child support, Domestic violence, Medicaid, Poverty, Welfare

Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs

Economic gains from migration and refugees, knowledge and technology diffusion, innovation, entrepreneurship, structural transformation, economic growth and development

Photo of Sandra Barnes


Sociology of Religion; Inequality and Poverty; Urban Sociology; Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality; Black Youth Education; African American Studies

Photo of Jesse Bruhn


Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Economics of Crime

Stephen Buka


Behavioral and psychiatric disorders, Birth complications, Environmental hazards, Maternal and child health, Substance use

Photo of Jennifer Candipan


Stratification, Inequality, Urban sociology, Education, Neighborhoods and schools, Neighborhood change, Race/Ethnicity, Residential mobility, Policy, Quantitative methods, Spatial analysis

Kenneth Chay


Community health, Labor and health economics, Microeconomics

Photo of Danny Choi

Political Science

Intergroup Relations, Immigration, Identity Politics, Political Parties, Elections, Africa


Substance use; built environment and neighborhood change; gender inequities; social and structural determinants of health; harm reduction; drug policy; HIV and drug use; qualitative and community-based research

Terry-Ann Craigie


Child wellbeing, Criminal justice reform, Family formation, Mass incarceration, Race and gender discrimination

Pedro Dal Bó


Experimental economics, Game theory, Political economy

Photo of John Eason

The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Community, Crime, Ethnography, Health Equity, Race, Punishment, and Rural/urban processes

Kevin Escudero

American Studies

Community engagement, Comparative ethnic studies, Critical refugee studies, Immigration and citizenship, Social movements

Alison Field

Public Health

Eating disorders, Nutrition, Obesity, Public Health

Linford D. Fisher


Atlantic World, Colonial American, and Native American history, Forced migration and mobility, Religion, Slavery

Andrea Flores


Adolescence and early adulthood, Anthropological demography, Citizenship, Education, Immigration and migration

Andrew Foster


Development, Education, Empirical microeconomics, Environment, Fertility, Health, Households, Human capital, Institutions, Labor economics, Marriage

Rachel Franklin


Migration, Population diversity and composition, Population loss/decline, Spatial analysis, Spatial Demography

Rachel Friedberg


Economics of immigration, Jewish social science, Labor economics

John Friedman


Education, Healthcare, Political economy, Public economics, Retirement, Taxation

Population Studies and Environment and Society

Migration, Environmental Change, Disasters, and Social Inequality

Omar Galárraga

Public Health

Conditional economic incentives, economic evaluation and economic efficiency of health programs, HIV, Social Health Insurance

Oded Galor


Evolutionary economics, Growth and development, Population economics

Public Health

Social and environmental determinants of health, Social epidemiology, Sleep, Obesity, Food environments and health, Green space and health

Abigail Harrison

Public Health

Fertility and family planning, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Qualitative research

Patrick Heller


Comparative political economy, Democratization, Development, Political sociology, Social movements

J. Vernon Henderson


Urban and regional economics


Disability, Family lives, Fertility and family planning, Transition to adulthood

Joseph Hogan

Public Health

Behavioral medicine, Causal inference, HIV/AIDS, Longitudinal data analysis, Missing data

Photo of Chanelle Howe


Causal inference; quantitative methods; study design; health disparities; racial/ethnic health disparities; resilience; HIV; infectious diseases; social determinants of health; social epidemiology; neighborhoods


Education (Middle/high school quality), Healthcare (Hospital / insurance plan quality), Discrimination (especially in employment / lending / healthcare / criminal justice), Applied econometrics


Public Health

Built environment and access to health care, End of life care, Long-term care, Mental health, Palliative and hospice care, Pediatric pharmacoepidemiology

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Computational Epidemiology; Simulation and Computational Modeling for Public Health Planning; Social Network Analysis; Incarceration; Addiction

Matthew Kraft


Economics of education, Education policy analysis, School organizational capacity, Teacher effectiveness and evaluation, Teacher-parent communication

Jessaca Leinaweaver


Adoption, Aging, Anthropological demography, Caregiving, Childhood, Family, Gender, Migration, Reproduction

David P. Lindstrom


Contraception, Fertility, Migration, Reproductive health

John Logan


Family, Immigration, Migration, Political sociology, Race and ethnicity, Spatial analysis, Urban sociology

Laura López-Sanders


Immigration, Organizational and institutional processes and outcomes, Public policy, Race and ethnic relations, Social Inequality

Eric Loucks

Public Health

Biomarkers, Coronary heart disease, Education, Epidemiology, Health

Glenn C. Loury


Cognitive theories of racial stigma, Dysfunctional social identity, Race and inequality, Racial affirmative action, Status transmission across generations

Mark Lurie

Public Health

Antiretroviral therapy, HIV/AIDS, Infectious diseases, Mathematical modeling, Migration

Elisa Macchi


Development and behavioral economics; determinants of health behavior, especially related to nutrition and exercise, and mental health

Photo of Ananda Martin-Caughey


Gender, work, organizations, race/ethnicity, inequality, mobility

Photo of Katherine Mason


Anthropological demography, Bioethics, Global health, Health equity, Infectious disease, Mental illness, Migration, Population health, Postpartum period

Public Health

Global health, Human population biology, Non-communicable diseases, Nutrition transition

Stelios Michalopoulos


Culture, Development, Economic growth, Ethnicity, Folklore, Inequality, Institutions, Islam, Religion

Kevin Mwenda

Director of S4 | Population Studies

Population Health and Environment, Spatial analysis, Spatial demography

Emily Oster


Development economics, Health

John Papay


Consequences of state tests, Postsecondary education choices, Teacher career growth, Teacher hiring and evaluation practices


Aging, Child health and well-being, Health, Inequality, Labor economics, Life course


Labor economics, development economics, entrepreneurship in the Global South


Comparative economic development, Human interaction, Income inequality, Inter-ethnic interactions, Social norms and institutions

Zhenchao Qian


Family demography, Immigration, Race and ethnicity, Social Inequality

David Rangel


Educational inequality, Race and ethnicity, Social psychology, Social stratification

Emily Rauscher


Stratification, Education, Health, Demography

Photo of Jonathan Roth


Econometrics, Labor Economics, Algorithmic Fairness

David A. Savitz

Public Health

Fertility, Health risks from environmental exposures, Pregnancy

Andrew Schrank


Migration, Health, Education and Training, Latin America

Daniel J. Smith


Anthropological demography, Corruption, HIV/AIDS, Medical anthropology, Migration, Pentecostal Christianity, Political culture

Maria Steenland

Population Studies

Maternal and child health, Econometrics, Family planning, Impact evaluation

Bryce Steinberg


Development, Education, Health, Labor, Urban economics

Neil Thakral


Behavioral economics, Housing policy, Labor markets

Matthew Turner


Cities, Climate change, Transportation infrastructure, Urbanization

Leah VanWey


Environment and development, Land change development, Migration, Population and environment

David Weil


Economic growth, Health, Population aging

Michael White

Population Studies

Demography, Environment, Immigration, Population distribution, Social policy, Urban sociology

Population Studies

Health; Health disparities; Aging; Cognitive health and ADRD; Biomarkers; Genetics; Education; Sex/gender and women’s health; Disasters

Postdoctoral Fellows

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Transnational migration, Intercultural dynamics, Social inclusion/exclusion, Urban encounters, Migration and health, Chinese diaspora, Italy

Photo of Eunah Jung

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Placemaking, Public Space, Neighborhood Change, Urban and Spatial Inequality, Environmental Justice, Quantitative/Spatial Analytics, Data Science

Photo of Han Liu

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Social Stratification, Demography, Population Health

Photo of Greer Mellon

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

School Racial Composition and Parents’ School Preferences, School District Governance, Gender Inequality in the High-Skilled U.S. Labor Market

Photo of Tiziano Rotesi

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Political Economy, History, Discrimination, Media, Networks, Experiments, Narratives, Attitudes toward immigration

Sonia Rupcic

PSTC | Postdoctoral Fellow

Legal anthropology, Medical anthropology, Gender, Ethnicity, Violence, Humanitarianism, Criminal justice, Legal pluralism

Daniel Schleith

PSTC/S4 | Postdoctoral Fellow

Urban and transportation geographies, Accessibility, Commuting, Geographic Information Science, Spatial statistics, Big data

Photo of Pablo Seward Delaporte

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Migration, Urban Risk, Vulnerability, Care, Race, Gender, Space and Place, Subjectivity, Phenomenology, Latin America, Ethnography

John Sullivan

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Residential segregation, Residential mobility, Age structure, Aging and environment

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)

Scholarly Interests: Urban and Spatial Inequality, Residential Segregation, Affordable Housing Policy, Neighborhood Change, Community Development, Built Environment

Photo of Heather Wurtz

PSTC/Pandemic Journaling Project | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Migration and human mobility; gender and sexuality; social movements; the social impact of policy

Predoctoral Trainees


Inequality, race, and ethnicity

Photo of Camilla Adams


Labor economics, law and economics

Photo of Raquel Badillo Salas


Labor Economics and Development

Photo of Henrique Pita Barros


Political economy, economic growth

Photo of Meghan Bellerose

Public Health

Medicaid policy; maternal health; quality of care

Cyril Bennouna

Political Science

Comparative politics, migration, citizenship, public service provision, violence, and displacement

Samantha Brady


Demography, life course, gerontology, work, family, health

Photo of Macy Brammer


Stratification and Inequality, Education, Family, Demography, Mixed Methods

Photo of Jonathon Briones


Sociology of Education, Race/Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods, Stratification, Demography

Photo of Adamson Bryant


Applied econometrics, labor, health, urban economics

Photo of Ailish Burns


Demography, health disparities, reproductive justice, inequality, mixed methods

Photo of Joyce Cao


Education; Social Stratification and Inequality; Demography

Photo of Licelot Carabello


Borders, Transnational mobility, Citizenship, Race in Latin America and the Caribbean, Haitian-Dominico relations, Border markets, Gender

Photo of Yuxian Chen


Growth Theory, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education

Photo of Chelsie Cintron


Intersection of TB and nutrition, especially among children

Photo of Xinyu Dai


Labor economics and econometrics

Photo of Emily Emick


Labor Economics, Education, Health, Inequality

ester fanelli


Gender, family, migration

Photo of Adrien Foutelet


Comparative development based on historical data and quasi natural experiments; Development policy design and evaluation with inputs from the field, in the context of Western Africa

Photo of Enver Hayes


Health disparities and health equity

Santiago Hermo


Labor economics, development economics, urban economics

Photo of Sarah Hodgman


Education; Social Policy; Children and Families; Social Inequality, Stratification, and Mobility; Demography; Quantitative and Mixed Methods

Photo of Yifei Huang


Inequality, public opinion, family and social demography


Economic growth, development economics, and environmental economics

Photo of Yingyue Jiang


Gender; Family; Health and Wellness; Demography; Social Policy

Photo of Fu Jin


Inequality, industrial organization, political economy, education


Political and development economics

Photo of Sagen Kidane


Race and ethnicity; education; social inequality; punishment; social policy

Photo of Sujung Leet


Demography, gender, family

Photo of Steven Lee


Inequality and behavioral questions in the context of health and labor

Photo of Zixi Li


Stratification, Labor Markets, Gender, Demography, Education, Family

Photo of Yitong Liu


Urban investment and development

Photo of Scott Lu


Labor, education, and applied econometrics

Photo of Neha Lund


Racialization, International Migration, South Asian Diasporas, Postcolonial & Critical Theory

Photo of Sean McCulloch


Urban economics, applied econometrics, spatial data analysis

Photo of María Medellin Esguerra


Economic history

Photo of Marcela Mello


Gender, religion and female labor force participation in developing countries

Photo of Geetika Nagpal


Urban Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Photo of Michael Neubauer


Spatial Economics, Development Economics, Environmental Economics

Photo of Emily O'Neill

Health Services Policy and Practice

Antimicrobial stewardship for low- and middle-income countries, global health disparities impacting HIV treatment

Photo of Sai Pitre


Labor economics, Development

Photo of Moritz Poll


Development Economics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics

Photo of Aditi Priya


Maternal and child health in India

Photo of Luca Rizzotti


Economics of crime and policing; political economy


Urban economics, labor economics

Photo of Isabella Schultz


Medical anthropology, Maternal Health, Corruption, Supply scarcity, Kinship ties, Bureaucracy, East Africa

Patrick Shaw


International development, Education, Labor, Social mobility, Quantitative methods


Environmental issues and intra-household decision problems in the developing world

Photo of Alessandro Sovera


Public finance and political economy


Political economics, public economics

Photo of Katie Trinh


Public and Labor Economics

Amanda Votta


Health disparities, Access to care, Substance use, Chronic illness and pain

Photo of Alexander Wambach


Family, Life course, Migration


Stratification, migrants, housing, culture, poverty, spatial analysis, ethnography

Photo of Yulin Yang


Gender inequality, family, culture

Photo of Jiayue Zhang


Issues related to climate risk pricing and ecosystem services pricing


Research Data Analyst

Photo of Angel Benjamin wearing black headscarf and striped sweater

PSTC | Communications Aide

Frank Donnelly

Brown Libraries | GIS and Data Librarian

PSTC | Research Assistant

Photo of Clare Halloran

Project Manager (Economics)

Photo of Ilise Hamilton

Department Manager (Economics)

Photo of Meg Hanrahan

PSTC | Administrative and Events Coordinator

Photo of Amory Kisch

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) | GIS and Data Analyst

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) | Lead Data Analyst

PSTC | Manager of Communications and Outreach

Photo of Kris McCutcheon

PSTC | Grants and Finance Manager

Elisabeta Minca

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) | GIS Research Analyst

Photo of Samuel Nitkin

Research Data Analyst

PSTC | Assistant Director


PSTC | Systems Administrator

Photo of Vinay Ravinder

Research Data Analyst

Photo of Nick Rent

PSTC | Grants and Financial Specialist

Photo of Arjun Shanmugam

Research Assistant (Economics)


PSTC | Grants and Finance Manager

Guixing Wei

Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) | Senior Research Scientist

Headshot of Marta Wilson-Barthes wearing purple crewneck sweater on a greenery background

PSTC | Lead Data Analyst

PSTC | Research and Programming Analyst


Daniel Björkegren

PSTC | Visiting Scholar in Population Studies

Development, Industrial organization, Information technology, Mobile phones

Shatanjaya Dasgupta

PSTC | Visiting Scholar in Economics

Development, Marriage, Domestic Violence, Gender, Son Preference

PSTC | Visiting Research Fellow

Politics and Gender in Electoral Systems and Local Legislative Bodies

Chantel Pheiffer

PSTC | Visiting Scholar in Population Studies

Social Demography, Social Determinants of Health, Stratification, Migration, Residential Mobility, Social Policy

PSTC | Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Reproductive in/justice; race, racialization, and health