NICHD Predoctoral Fellows

With support from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the PSTC population studies training program is one of the longest continuously funded demography training programs in the country, offering up to five graduate fellowships annually.

The relatively small size of the training program guarantees personalized attention, collaborative research opportunities, close faculty mentoring, access to outstanding facilities, and additional financial support for field research, data acquisition, and specialized language or methods courses.

The following are fellows for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Chinyere Agbai


Chinyere's work is concerned with how race and class intersect in the American capitalist system to produce and reproduce social inequalities in urban areas. She primarily focuses on housing, neighborhood effects, health, education, and the criminal justice system.

Whitney Arey


Whitney's research interests are gender and health, abortion access, family decision-making and kinship. Her research is based in the southern United States, where she focuses on the involvement of companions to abortion clinics and their impact on abortion access, decision-making and experiences.

Benjamin Bellman


Ben's research has focused on historical patterns and processes of racial segregation in American cities and the racialized urban inequalities that are produced. His work, based in GIS and spatial methods, emphasizes spatial relationships between social and economic changes impacting local areas.

Jamie Hansen-Lewis


Jamie studies the connections between air quality, human health, and industrial productivity in India and other settings.

Brianna Osetinsky

Public Health

Brianna's research is on improving access to health care in low and middle income countries through strengthening health systems. She studies maternal health, insurance reforms, and integrated care delivery for HIV and noncommunicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa.