Predoctoral Fellows

With support from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the PSTC population studies training program is one of the longest continuously funded demography training programs in the country, offering up to five graduate fellowships annually. Current NICHD Fellows include Meghan Bellerose (Public Health), Macy Brammer (Sociology), Jonathon Briones (Sociology), Adamson Bryant (Economics), and Sean McCulloch (Economics). In addition, the Graduate School offers two fellowships annually to international students. Current International Fellows include Zachk Huang (Sociology) and Moritz Poll (Economics).

The relatively small size of the training program guarantees personalized attention, collaborative research opportunities, close faculty mentoring, access to outstanding facilities, and additional financial support for field research, data acquisition, and specialized language or methods courses.

The following trainees are fellows for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Photo of Meghan Bellerose

Public Health

Medicaid policy; maternal health; quality of care

Photo of Macy Brammer


Stratification and inequality; Family; Work; Gender; Education

Photo of Jonathon Briones


Sociology of Education, Race/Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods, Stratification, Demography

Photo of Adamson Bryant


Applied econometrics, labor, health, urban economics

Photo of Yifei Huang


Inequality, public opinion, family and social demography

Photo of Sean McCulloch


Urban economics, applied econometrics, spatial data analysis

Photo of Moritz Poll


Development Economics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics