NICHD Predoctoral Fellows

With support from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the PSTC population studies training program is one of the longest continuously funded demography training programs in the country, offering up to five graduate fellowships annually.

The relatively small size of the training program guarantees personalized attention, collaborative research opportunities, close faculty mentoring, access to outstanding facilities, and additional financial support for field research, data acquisition, and specialized language or methods courses.

The following trainees are fellows for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Hilary Barker


Barker's research interests are family and work, gender and health, and inequality. She is currently researching paid parental leave policies and class divides in parental investments.

Kira DiClemente

Public Health

DiClemente's research focuses on reproductive health as it pertains to culture, tradition, and economic development. With an eye towards global health, she is interested in how family planning and female empowerment contribute to sustainable development.


Kreisberg studies immigrant intra-generational mobility and labor market integration. Specifically, she is interested in the relationship between immigration laws and subsequent labor market outcomes in the United States.


Mellett’s research is on the Deaf culture and the American Deaf community. Specifically, she is interested in the experiences of deaf immigrants in the U.S. and more broadly, questions about what it means to be Deaf.