Terry-Ann Craigie


Child wellbeing, Criminal justice reform, Family formation, Mass incarceration, Race and gender discrimination

Rachel Franklin


Migration, Population diversity and composition, Population loss/decline, Spatial analysis, Spatial Demography

Jing Liu

Economics of Education

Economics of education, Peer interaction, Student engagement and behavior, Teacher affects on student achievement

Mao-Mei Liu


Family, Gender, International migration, Social demography, Social networks

Kathleen Lynch


Education, Children and families, Social inequalities

Domingo Morel

Political Science

Race and ethnic politics, Urban politics, Education politics, Public policy

Gail Mummert

Gender dynamics in migrant families, Intergenerational relationships, Longitudinal and life course methodologies

Lindsey Reynolds


Family, Global health, HIV/AIDS, Humanitarian intervention, Social change, Social reproduction, Youth

Weijia Zhang

Population Studies

Rural-urban migration, Immigrant family, Urban population capacity, Urbanization