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Other Supplemental Data Analysis Training

For Undergraduates and Master’s Students

The Policy Lab Student Interns, School of Public Health

We recruit and mentor a cohort of 5-6 paid student interns every fall, spring, and summer semester! Interns at The Lab are an integral part of our operations -- no coffee runs here! We hire for three different internship tracks: Applied Policy Research, Communications and Events, and Data Science.

Past intern projects include:

Applied Policy Research

  • Conducting literature reviews and research on English Language (EL) Learner programs
  • Categorizing/coding semi-structured interview transcripts and cross-referencing against field work and survey data to understand User Experiences with State-Supported public health infrastructure.
  • Performing a comparative analysis of state agency personnel through cross-tabulation of data covering the entire United States

Communications and Events

  • Maintaining The Policy Lab’s social media presence
  • Drafting content for the newsletter and website
  • Brainstorming event/podcast ideas and contributing to event planning and marketing

Data Science

  • Gathering publicly available datasets which might help answer policy relevant questions
  • Cleaning and standardizing datasets from different sources
  • Performing statistical analyses on merged data sets
  • Simulating the effects of different policies using, e.g., time series models, Markov chain Monte Carlo, and Bayesian modeling

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