Children and Law in the Shadows: Responses to Parental Abduction in Japan

12-1 pm

Giddings House 212, Department of Anthropology

Allison Alexy, Assistant Professor of Modern Japanese Culture, University of Michigan

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Alexy will examine the informal, familial, financial, and social means people use to solve what might be called “family problems” when formal legal assistance is foreclosed. She draws from her research in contemporary Japan, where police and law enforcement are often reluctant to assist in family conflicts (such as domestic abuse or child abduction by a parent) following the logic that “law does not belong in families,” and family members are often pushed to settle problems on their own.

Alexy is a cultural anthropologist whose research explores intimacy, gender, family, and conflict in contemporary Japan. She is currently completing Intimate Disconnections: Divorce and the Romance of Independence in Contemporary Japan

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