Economic incentives to improve HIV prevention and treatment

October 3, 2019

Providence, R.I. [Brown University] - PSTC Faculty and Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Omar Galárraga, co-authored "Conditional economic incentives to improve HIV prevention and treatment in low-income and middle-income countries" in The Lancet HIV. In a series of trials in low- and middle-income countries, Galárraga, a behavioral economist and public health specialist, found that economic incentives can improve HIV testing rates, voluntary male circumcision, and other prevention and treatment practices. His research merges public health, economics, and psychology to improve global health.

In this article, Galárraga and co-authors examine how appropriately implemented economic incentive interventions can increase HIV testing rates and voluntary male circumcision, and how they can improve other HIV prevention and treatment outcomes in certain settings in the short term.