Abigail Harrison

Associate Professor (Research) of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Abigail Harrison

Abigail Harrison’s research focuses on young women, gender, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa. Her current projects address 1) young women’s reproductive decision-making and HIV risk, including contraceptive use, peri-conception behaviors, and unintended pregnancy, 2) social, economic, and health disparities in relation to HIV/AIDS, and 3) behavioral economics approaches to HIV prevention.

Harrison's research draws on approaches from epidemiology and anthropological demography, using ethnographic, qualitative, and community survey methods. Additional research interests are marriage patterns and family organization; schooling patterns and health outcomes; and women’s empowerment in relation to HIV prevention.  She is co-investigator on a five-year R24 award from NICHD, “Partnership for the Next Generation of HIV Social Scientists in South Africa,” in collaboration with the University of Cape Town.

PSTC collaborators include Susan Short for research on gender, marriage, and families in Lesotho; and Mark Lurie (Partnership for Next Generation of HIV Social Science), Stephen McGarvey, and Omar Galarraga (behavioral economics and HIV prevention). 

Scholarly Interests

Fertility and family planning, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Qualitative research

Affiliated Departments

School of Public Health