Emily Rauscher

Associate Professor of Sociology
Emily Rauscher

Emily Rauscher joined Brown University and the PSTC in 2018. Her research seeks to understand intergenerational inequality with a focus on education and health. She uses quantitative methods and causal inference techniques to investigate these areas and to identify policies that could increase equality of opportunity. She received her BA from Wesleyan University, Master’s degrees from USC and Trinity College Dublin, and a PhD in Sociology from New York University.

Selected Publications

Rauscher, Emily. 2017. “Plastic and Immobile: Unequal Intergenerational Transmission by Genotype within Sibling Pairs.” Social Science Research, 65:112-129.

Rauscher, Emily. 2016. “Does Educational Equality Increase Mobility? Exploiting 19th Century U.S. Compulsory Schooling Laws.” American Journal of Sociology, 121(6):1697-1761.

Rauscher, Emily. 2015. “Educational Expansion and Occupational Change: U.S. Compulsory Schooling Laws and the Occupational Structure 1850-1930.” Social Forces, 93(4):1397-1422.

Rauscher, Emily. 2015. “Effects of Early U.S. Compulsory Schooling Laws on Educational Assortative Mating: The Importance of Context.” Demography, 52(4):1219-1242.

Rauscher, Emily. 2011. “Producing Adulthood: Adolescent Employment, Fertility, and the Life Course.” Social Science Research, 40(2):552-571.

Scholarly Interests

Stratification, Education, Health, Demography

Affiliated Departments

Department of Sociology