Jonathan Roth

Assistant Professor of Economics
Photo of Jonathan Roth

Jonathan Roth is an assistant professor in the Economics Department at Brown. His primary research interests are in econometrics, with a focus on causal inference. He has also worked on topics in labor economics, including job training programs and the effects of labor unions, and algorithmic fairness. Roth joined the PSTC in 2023 and came to Brown in 2021. He previously served as Senior Researcher in the Office of the Chief Economist at Microsoft. Roth obtained his PhD in Economics from Harvard University in 2020, where he was awarded the David A. Wells Prize for best dissertation.

Selected Publications: 

“What’s Trending in Difference-in-Differences? A Synthesis of the Recent Econometrics Literature” (with Pedro Sant’Anna, Alyssa Bilinski, and John Poe). Forthcoming, Journal of Econometrics.

“A More Credible Approach to Parallel Trends” (with Ashesh Rambachan) [Previously titled, “An Honest Approach to Parallel Trends”]. Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies.

“Inference for Linear Conditional Moment Inequalities” (with Isaiah Andrews and Ariel Pakes). Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies.

“When Is Parallel Trends Sensitive to Functional Form?” (with Pedro H.C. Sant’Anna). Econometrica 2023, 91(2): 737-747.

“Pre-test with Caution: Event-study Estimates After Testing for Parallel Trends.” American Economic Review: Insights 2022, 4(3): 305-322.

Scholarly Interests

Econometrics, Labor Economics, Algorithmic Fairness

Affiliated Departments

Department of Economics