Jongho Won

PSTC | Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jongho's research investigates the role of urban spatial structure—related to populations, housing, the built environment, and community resources—in promoting socioeconomically and environmentally sustainable communities. As a Postdoctoral Research Associate, Jongho is conducting a study that explores the nature of suburbanization in the United States by investigating the racial, industrial, and spatial contexts of suburban places from 1900 to 2020. He is also investigating how individual residential mobility shapes neighborhood changes, such as gentrification and racial transition.

Selected Publications:
Won, Jongho. “Exploring Municipalities as Mechanisms of the Spatial Distribution of Community Resources: A Multilevel Analysis in the Greater Los Angeles Area, United States.” Journal of Urban Affairs, Forthcoming.

Won, Jongho. (2022). “Exploring Spatial Clustering Over Time and Long-term Effects of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Neighborhood-level Income Segregation.” Urban Affairs Review, 58(3), 799-831.

Won, Jongho. (2022). “Exploring the Economic Persistence of Affluent and Poor Neighborhoods and Factors Associated with These Shifts, 2000 2010.” Housing Policy Debate, 32(2), 386-409.

Ahn, Yongjin, and Jongho Won* (2022). “Built Environment and Outdoor Leisure Activity under the Individual Time Budgets.” Sustainability, 14(18)

Basolo, Victoria, Edith Huarita, and Jongho Won* (2022). “Socioeconomic and Built Environment Attributes of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Developments in California.” Urban Science, 6(39).

Scholarly Interests

Scholarly Interests: Urban and Spatial Inequality, Residential Segregation, Affordable Housing Policy, Neighborhood Change, Community Development, Built Environment