Oded Galor

Professor of Economics
Oded Galor

Oded Galor joined Brown University in 1994 and the PSTC in 2000. Galor has advanced the field of Unified Growth Theory. He has contributed to the understanding of the relationship between inequality and growth, human evolution, and the process of development, demography, and growth, and the role of deep-rooted factors in comparative economic development.

Galor has led the NBER research group on Income Distribution and Macroeconomics, and he is a Research Fellow of the CEPR and IZA and a Research Associate of the NBER and CESifo.

Galor is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Economic Growth, and a member of the editorial board of several journals, including Economics and Human Biology, the Journal of Economic Inequality, the Journal of Population Economics, and Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Selected Publications

“The Out of Africa Hypothesis, Human Genetic Diversity and Comparative Economic Development” (with Quamrul Ashraf) American Economic Review, 102, 1-46 (February 2013).

“Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch: Theory and Evidence” (with Quamrul Ashraf) American Economic Review, 101, 2003-2041 (August 2011).

“Natural Selection and the Origin of Economic Growth” (with Omer Moav) Quarterly Journal of Economics, 117, 1133-1192 (November 2002).

"Population, Technology, and Growth: From the Malthusian Regime to the Demographic Transition and Beyond,"  (with David Weil) American Economic Review, 90, 806-828 (September 2000).

"The Gender Gap, Fertility, and Growth,” (with David Weil) American Economic Review, 86, 374-387 (June 1996).

"Income Distribution and Macroeconomics" (with Joseph Zeira) Review of Economics Studies, 60, 35-52 (January 1993).

Scholarly Interests

Evolutionary economics, Growth and development, Population economics

Affiliated Departments

Department of Economics