Pedro Dal Bó

Professor of Economics
Pedro Dal Bó

Pedro Dal Bó joined Brown University in 2002 and the PSTC in 2010. He is an applied theorist and economic experimentalist with primary interest in political economy. His population-related work includes a study of domestic violence and its relationship to mandatory enforcement with Anna Aizer (Economics), and an analysis on the role of voting in ensuring cooperative behavior with Andrew Foster (Economics). The latter was funded by the NSF.

Dal Bó regularly attends population-related seminars in applied microeconomics and race and inequality as well as occasional PSTC seminars. His interest and work in political economy and institutions more generally provides an important complement to the study of local institutions that is part of the population and development theme.

Selected Publications

“Political Dynasties,” with Ernesto Dal Bó and Jason Snyder, Review of Economic Studies 76(1), January 2009.

“Love, Hate and Murder: Commitment Devices in Violent Relationship,” with Anna Aizer, Journal of Public Economics 93(3-4), April 2009. 

“Institutions and Behavior: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Democracy,” with Andrew Foster and Louis Putterman, American Economic Review 100(5), December 2010.

Scholarly Interests

Experimental economics, Game theory, Political economy

Affiliated Departments

Department of Economics