Peter Hull

Assistant Professor of Economics

Peter Hull came to Brown and the PSTC in 2021 from a faculty position at the University of Chicago and graduate training at MIT. He is a labor economist and applied econometrician, with research interests in healthcare, education, criminal justice, and discrimination.

Peter has developed new statistical methods to measure the quality of schools, hospitals, and health insurance plans by leveraging experimental and quasi-experimental variation in individual choices. He has also used such variation to develop new measures of discrimination by human decision-makers and algorithms, particularly in criminal justice settings. He is currently focused on developing new measures of systemic and structural discrimination, and evaluating efficiency and equity in schooling, healthcare, and lending decisions.

His research has been featured in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the American Economic Review, the Review of Economic Studies, and the New England Journal of Medicine among other outlets. He is especially interested in interdisciplinary work that draws connections between economics, computer science, legal theory, and sociology.

Selected Publications

Scholarly Interests

Education (Middle/high school quality), Healthcare (Hospital / insurance plan quality), Discrimination (especially in employment / lending / healthcare / criminal justice), Applied econometrics

Affiliated Departments

Department of Economics